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Corsets are a popular staple of many different fashion and costuming eras. First originating in Italy and eventually being introduced into European royalty courts in the 1500s by Catherine de Medici, corsets quickly took hold as a tight and elongated bodice that allowed you to shape or control your own figure as much as you liked. Seen as indispensable parts of the fashion world, corsets seized the fashion world and fast became a popular and relevant part of fashion design for the next three hundred years.

Corsets quickly became known as both underwear and outerwear. The boned designs were an easy way to shape your figure, whether the style was to restrain your bodice or shape and accentuate it. Corsets reached the height of their popularity in Victorian England, where every woman had a corset and was encouraged to wear them as often as possible, even while pregnant in some cases, in order to accentuate their ideal figure and design. Today, the Victorian corset remains popular and is the traditional version of corsets as we understand them, a tightly bound corset highlighting the hourglass figure of many women that pushed the chest upward and cinched the weight as tightly as possible. 

Corsets are used today in both intimate and costume settings. They can be found in steampunk, pirate, cyberpunk, burlesque, and Victorian cosplays, and make up a reliable portion of costume and Halloween costume designs every year. However you choose to wear your corset, you’ll likely want a wide variety of colors available to help fill out your costume choices. Brown corsets are a popular neutral staple that can be worn for many different costumes or looks and still accessorize and highlight all the best parts of your look. We’ve put together a list of our favorite brown corsets here!

What is the Best Brown Corset to Buy?

jutrisujo Corset Bustier Lingerie Overbust Corset

best brown corset

This stunning fashion corset can be used anywhere and at any time. The satin bustier fits standard and plus sizes, and the smooth brown satin exterior makes it an excellent neutral colour that can be worn with many different styles of clothing. Featuring a hook eye closure front and a lace up back with stays that can be tightened or loosened as needed, this stunning corset can also be used as a waist trainer in addition to a fashion staple. These overbust corsets perfectly accentuate your figure and bust, making this corset a must have for fashion lovers.

Kiwi Rata Black Floral Waistcoat Bustier

This unique and elegant waistcoat bustier is a beautiful contemporary take on a retro corset design. Waistcoat bustiers are designed to support but not cover the chest of the wearer, so the waistcoat is shaped to sit comfortably beneath the chest and support the shirt or coat of this corset top. With faded vintage fabric styles and a beautiful cross body leather strap and pocket detailing, you’re sure to fall in love with this elegant waistcoat bustier. The back is a beautiful full back closure with lacing and simple and elegant design that helps you stay tightly wound and protected in this charming bustier.

Grebrafan Brown Leather Steampunk Corset

This beautiful leather steampunk corset is an incredible brown corset that features well in pirate or historical corset costume options. With faded brocade fabric in a stunning shade of copper or faded brown, your corset brings both textured fabric and beautiful simple detailing to light. Crossbody leather straps and detailing also help your bustier stand out, while a waist chain that clips your belt summons ideas of Victorian watch chains that become a beautiful and elegant accessory to your look. Your corset fits closely and comfortably to your body, adjusting with a back string adjustment to create the perfect close fit to your look.

Grebrafan Chain Steampunk Corset

Grebrafan is a continual top producer of glamorous retro gothic corsets, and this latest addition is no exception. This beautiful bustier top features slit detailing in the chest with belt and lacing designs that draw your attention chastely to your top without exposing too much. Rich brocade fabric peeks out from the brown waste with crossbody strap detailing that doesn’t give away too much, and a beautiful waist strap creates a signature geometric detail that you’ll fall in love with time and time again.

Grebrafan Sexy Steampunk Jacquard Corset

This brown corset is a true studded statement bustier and a phenomenal option for your fashion choices. Featuring glamorous red brown accents and leather straps, buckles, and detailing across the entire body, this corset reeks of glamorous and antique design, making it perfect for cosplay or costumes. The most stunning part of this corset is the metal clasp closures in a brass finish that close up the front of the corset, with sheer brown detailing and a lace stay in the back to help tighten this corset to your natural waistline.

Miss MOLY Women’s Steampunk Overbust Corset Gothic 

This brocade and satin gothic vintage corset is a beautiful piece that deserves a place in any brown corset lover’s closet. With a vintage steampunk design that features a floral brocade pattern perfect for clubwear or burlesque parties, you’ll find that there’s no detail gone unnoticed in this elegant design. Featuring an antique style metal clasp closure at the front, metal studding and chain across the side, and ribbon stay lacing at the back for adjusting size needs, everyone can wear and fall in love with the details on this magnificent corset. 

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