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    Burlesque Clothing

    Burlesque has long entertained the world with images of sultry lingerie and talented dancers and singers dancing through our heads. However, Burlesque is more than just sensual dancing- in fact, it’s an entire art form of its own with fashion design, talented live performance, and stunning makeup and hair that creates an immersive experience with blends of the past and present in order to create a historic and glamorous fashion movement. Today’s blog is all about Burlesque clothing – what to wear and where you can buy it. Though Burlesque first began with Vaudeville entertainers who saw the risque dancing as a way for women to entertain crowds in new…

  • Burlesque Corsets

    Burlesque Corsets

    A lot of things come to mind when you first hear the world burlesque. Whether it’s an exotic dancer or the famous film from 2010, Burlesque seems to captivate the mind with images of sultry lingerie and talented dancers and singers. However, burlesque is much more than that. Burlesque encompasses breathtaking clothing and Victorian design elements, blending costume, passion, stage, and exploration for an enticing and completely mesmerizing fashion experience. Today, you are invited to join us on our hunt for the best Burlesque corsets online! The originally risque or inappropriate burlesque trend, once popular with Vaudeville entertainers as a way for women to expose and express themselves in innovative and…