Dieselpunk Movies

Dieselpunk Movies

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If you have watched everything you can find on Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney Plus, why not give some iconic Dieselpunk movies a watch, here are some of the best:

Captain America

Captain America is about a soldier during world war II who takes ‘super soldier serum’ in order to take down Nazi Germany.

Captain America was not intended to be a Dieselpunk movie, but it undeniably has Dieselpunk elements throughout. The film is set around 1942 which is close to the Dieselpunk years of inspiration. The technology shown within this movie is why Captain America is on a list of Dieselpunk movies. 

Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow

The movie is about a reporter who teams up with a pilot in order to find out why giant flying robots attacked New York City and to discover why famous scientists around the world are going missing.

Sky Captain & The World of Tomorrow also takes place in world war II, however, it is an alternate version of world war II. Due to the time period of the 1940s’ this movie is definitely of interest to Dieselpunk enthusiasts. The sky in the movies is full of Dieselpunk technology such as airships and automatons straight from the sci-fi genre. There are also flying robots and hovercrafts as well as a bunch of other Dieselpunk elements such as sky pirates. 

Mad Max: The Road Warrior

Mad Max: The Road Warrior is about a post-apocalyptic wasteland in Australia where a drifter agrees to help a small town with access to diesel to escape bandits who are after the gasoline.

The Mad Max movies feature many vehicles and the Dieselpunk society is one that relies on diesel to be powered, often fighting in order to retain it. Mad Max does exactly this. Dieselpunk also highlights war and weaponry, and Mad Max most definitely features war and weaponry. 

Sin City

Sin City was based on graphic novels and follows three people’s stories and their interaction with crime. All of whom seek redemption and justice.

Sin City is not exclusively Dieselpunk, but it does contain Dieselpunk influences and attitudes.

City of Lost Children

This movie is about a scientist who kidnaps children in order to steal their dreams in the hopes that this will slow his ageing process.

Being set in a dystopian society and featuring clones and elevated science and technology, this movie is definitely a must watch for Dieselpunk enthusiasts. It is dark and ominous and there is even a playstation game of it. 


This movie is about a dystopian society where technology is futuristic. A bureaucrat becomes an enemy of the state when he dreams of overpowering bureaucracy to be with the woman he sees in his dreams.

The movie is kind of similar to a futuristic and Dieselpunk 1984. The aesthetic of the movie invented retro-futuristic and is inherently Dieselpunk in nature.

Dark City

Dark City is about a man who wakes up in a hotel room plagued with the inability to remember his past. This includes a wife he cannot remember and a world in which nobody wakes up from, and to make things worse, he is accused of a series of brutal murders. He must try to piece together his past and take down the people who plan to take control of his mind and destroy him. 

Dark City is full of the Dieselpunk aesthetic. It features futuristic technology and has links to film noir making the movie one of the most well known Dieselpunk movies ever made. 

Indiana Jones movies

Indiana Jones is an archaeologist who is hired by the US government to obtain different artefacts throughout the movies in order to save the world. The first movie is set in 1936 where Indiana Jones must obtain the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis get their hands on it. 

The Indiana Jones movies are classic dieselpunk movies and will make a great introduction to the Dieselpunk genre. The movies feature key dieselpunk elements such as the time period and the impact of war, as well as some sci-fi elements. These movies are a great introduction to the world of Dieselpunk movies. 

Pan’s Labyrinth

Pan’s Labyrinth is about a young girl who finds a labyrinth on the grounds of a country home in Spain during 1944. She is given a book by a magical faun that contains tasks that she must complete.

The movie being set in 1944 adds to the Dieselpunk aesthetic as well as the ongoing war present in the movie. There are also hints of it being an alternate history. Before watching this movie I assumed that it was a kid’s movie, don’t make my mistake and put off watching it. It is quite brutal and definitely worth a watch.

Blade Runner

This movie is a classic set in a dystopian world about a blade runner who must seek and destroy robots who have returned to Earth to find their creator after stealing a ship in space.

Between Mad Max and Blade Runner, these are probably the most successful Dieselpunk movies ever made. Blade Runner has sci-fi, film noir, futuristic technology, and it is set in the 1940s’. This movie is undeniably Dieselpunk in nature and a must watch.

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