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In recent years, the ‘steampunk style’ has increased in popularity around the world. Many people have found a great interest in the genre through films, literature, clothing and many other different things. While the likes of film may be more popular, Steampunk themed clothing and outfits can be easily sourced at an affordable price and really help you rock that steampunk look. However, it would be fair to say that no Steampunk outfit would be complete without your very own Gothic waistcoat. With so many different styles, colours and themes available, your options are limitless.

There are many reasons why someone would wear a Gothic waistcoat or a full steampunk themed outfit. One in particular could be a costume party or some kind of themed evening. A Steampunk themed outfit is sure to attract some very positive attention and make you really stand out in any celebration. Sticking with the costume theme, a Steampunk outfit would also be an excellent choice for a halloween costume. While many people will dress as clowns, werewolves and other scary things, you could go down a more original route by getting yourself a Gothic waistcoat and dressing up in a fun Steampunk theme.

In addition, of course, you could choose to attend a steampunk themed event or convention. There are many of these held all around the world with one particular event, the Asylum Steampunk Festival, being held in Lincoln, United Kingdom. It is both the largest and longest running Steampunk convention in the world and is held every year attracting many visitors. Events like this are perfect examples of when you should get yourself your own Gothic waistcoat to go along with a Steampunk outfit.

Best Gothic Waistcoat to buy Online

Ro Rox Men’s Tailored Gothic Steampunk Brocade Waistcoat

Gothic Waistcoat

The first idea is the Ro Rox Men’s Tailored Gothic Steampunk Brocade Waistcoat which you can purchase on Amazon for just under £35. This waistcoat has a beautiful floral design all around the front and can come in a black or brown colour. It is able to be sold in all standard male sizes – XS to 3XL – and is a tailored waistcoat so should be an excellent fit. This Gothic waistcoat is 100% cotton with a lining made entirely of polyester. This waistcoat is also sleeveless and an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable Gothic waistcoat which is still great quality.

Gothic Rock Waistcoat from Spiral

Gothic Waistcoat

Next, there is the Gothic Rock waistcoat from Spiral. Spiral is a brand which has been around for a while and specialises in Gothic as well as heavy metal fashion for both males and females. This particular waistcoat is made up from 100% cotton and also makes uses of dyes which are friendly for the skin. This waistcoat is a very simple design with no pattern and is black in colour. It has four buttons at the front in order to do it up and can be purchased on Amazon for just over £25.

Cross of Darkness Gothic Waistcoat

In addition, you may also be interested in the Cross of Darkness Gothic waistcoat which is also manufactured by Spiral. This waistcoat is very similar to the previous one with four buttons and it’s black colour however its difference comes with its design. On the upper left side of the waistcoat, there is a crucifix emerging from the eye sockets and jaw of a human skull. This picture is complemented by the Gothic swirls, blood and chains that surround it. This picture on the waistcoat truly adds something amazing to it and it is also very professional and of a high quality. This Gothic waistcoat can be purchased on Amazon for just over £30.

Paisley Jacquard Suit Waistcoat

Also, there is the stunning Paisley Jacquard Suit Waistcoat which can be purchased on Amazon for around £25. This waistcoat has a beautiful pattern on it’s front and can be purchased in various colours such as red, blue and silver. The waistcoat is made up of a combination of polyester and viscose and is also a slim fit. This Gothic waistcoat is of excellent quality and comes from Allthemen.

Velvet Steampunk Regency waistcoat

Next, there is the Velvet Steampunk Regency waistcoat from manufacturer, Devil Fashion. This waistcoat is black and colour and its advertisement states it is perfect for anyone interested in Steampunk or Gothic fashion and style. It is 100% polyester and makes use of poppers in order to fasten it. This sleeveless and collarless waistcoat can be purchased on Amazon for the slightly more expensive price of just under £60 however it is most certainly worth it.

Gothic Victorian Gentleman Waistcoat

In addition, you may like the Gothic Victorian Gentleman waistcoat from Punk Rave which can be purchased on Amazon for just under £60. This Gothic waistcoat is black in colour and has an excellent striped design on its front along with poppers for fastening. Made up of 70% polyester and 30% Rayon, this particular waistcoat is collarless and, once again, perfect for fans of Gothic and Steampunk fashion.

Damask Gothic Steampunk Aristocrat Waistcoat

Lastly, an incredible Damask Gothic Steampunk Aristocrat waistcoat from Devil Fashion. This particular waistcoat can be purchased for just under £60 on Amazon. It is both red and gold in colour and has an amazing floral pattern on its front. Made up of 100% polyester, this waistcoat has a double breasted collar, sleeveless and is fastened through the use of buttons.

In conclusion, there are many options when it comes to Gothic waistcoats. Many of them are reasonably priced and, although some are slightly more expensive, they are great quality. A Gothic waistcoat is sure to complete your Steampunk outfit and, with all these various designs and colours, you are sure to find one that is the perfect match.

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