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If you are looking for a Steampunk skirt then look no further. This guide will help you to find the Steampunk skirt of your dreams, but first here is some background information on the types of Steampunk skirts that are available:

Styles of Steampunk Skirt

Due to Steampunk’s origins being tightly wound with the Victorian era and its fashion, Steampunk skirts are massively inspired by skirts from the Victorian period. However, even Victorian based skirts vary in style and length. Some of these different styles include; bustle skirts, lace skirts, tulle skirts, and ruffle skirts. 

Short skirt

Short skirts are good for pairing with tights and shirts. Depending on the look you are trying to achieve, it will depend on your style. Short skirts pair better with something more simple on top, such as a shirt. They can look the part for looks such as a pirate or pilot. 

Long skirt

Long skirts are more suited to looks of a more elegant nature. They can be paired to look like a complete dress with the addition of a corset on top. 

Despite the difference in long and short skirts, the two lengths also have a vast variety of styles available. Here are some examples of products available online that are bound to make your outfit look incredible and undoubtedly Steampunk…

Best Steampunk Skirts on Amazon

This ruffle high-low skirt has a Gothic style and the dark red colour adds to the Gothic Steampunk appeal. The top of the skirt looks tight fitting, molding to the body more, whereas the bottom has ruffles and also lace netting. The skirt has a tapered length and will look great as part of a Steampunk Pirate outfit.

steampunk skirt

A short skirt in a beautiful copper colour. This skirt has many layers, each with a different pattern. The top layer has a thin black lace over the top that shows a floral pattern above the copper satin looking material. The next layers have darker colours of copper and fade to brown on the lower layers. All of which with a satin effect material, that will look perfect for a pirate or an air pilot.

steampunk skirt

This skirt looks elegant from the back and badass from the front. The back of the skirt is longer, and the front has an opening in which the skirt tapers to a short skirt between the long sides. There are ruffles all over the skirt and it has the capability of adjusting the length on the front. You can even turn the skirt around so that one side is lower. The colour is dark brown and has the potential to look great as a Steampunk Pirate with many capable styles.

The style of this skirt is much more Gothic Steampunk. It is black and features gold buckles and buttons that follow a diagonal fold down the front of the skirt. It is reasonably straight fitting and simple in style until it reaches the bottom, where the skirt has ruffles before showing the elegant lace underneath the skirt. 

This skirt is very similar to the third option on this list. It is longer at the back and sides, and the front has an opening in which the skirt can become a short skirt that sits between the long sides. There are ruffles all over the skirt and it has the capability of adjusting the length on the front. 

vintage steampunk skirt

This is a much more long and elegant skirt that gives off Gothic Steampunk vibes. It has a style similar to that of a fishtail dress with ruffles at the bottom. The dress has large ribbons that appear to hold the skirt together at the top, when the ribbons stop the skirt has an opening where it shows the fabric underneath. The material underneath is frilly and patterned like the rest of the skirt. The whole skirt is matte black with a slightly shiny black elegant pattern covering it. This skirt looks confident and is bound to bring out your inner confidence and your beauty.


If you are truly looking for an elegant and Victorian styled skirt that looks simple, but still remains beautiful – this is the one. It is a very dark brown colour that has a tight and high waistline with three vintage looking buttons on either side of this waistline. The skirt then falls gracefully from the waistline with this long skirt. The back of the waistline also has detail in the ribbon that pulls the skirt together in a corset fashion. It will look great paired with a Victorian style blouse.

steampunk skirts

This pinstripe skirt is black with white stripes, it has three layers that can be clearly seen at the back of the dress as the layers end in ruffles. The front of the dress shows the top two layers lifted up and bunched together to form one big ruffle in order to show the lower layer more fully beneath. There is also a large black bow on the back of the dress that provides the back with some style as well. 

If you love the Steampunk style and are looking for some more inspiration, why not check out our article on Steampunk dresses?

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