Burlesque Clothing
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Burlesque Clothing

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Burlesque has long entertained the world with images of sultry lingerie and talented dancers and singers dancing through our heads. However, Burlesque is more than just sensual dancing- in fact, it’s an entire art form of its own with fashion design, talented live performance, and stunning makeup and hair that creates an immersive experience with blends of the past and present in order to create a historic and glamorous fashion movement. Today’s blog is all about Burlesque clothing – what to wear and where you can buy it.

Though Burlesque first began with Vaudeville entertainers who saw the risque dancing as a way for women to entertain crowds in new and taboo ways, it soon became a full field of acceptable theatrical performance. As an exciting new realm of entertainment, music, and acting, burlesque quickly skyrocketed to popularity and shows cropped up across the world. Today, burlesque is a well respected fashion field that shows up in personal wear, cosplay, and dancing costumes across the world every year. 

Burlesque clothing comes in many different styles and sizes, but all burlesque clothing is grounded in a few major themes, including bright colors, tight boned corsets, and sheer or attractive fabric that provides peekaboo highlights or generous stockings. Whether you’re looking at corsets, headpieces, stockings, skirts, or shoes, burlesque clothing is a glamorous and fashionable style you’re sure to fall in love with. For our favorite pieces of burlesque clothing, check out this guide!

Burlesque Clothing Guide

Burlesque Corsets

OPAKY Fancy Burlesque Corset

Burlesque Clothing

Take your burlesque fashion to the next level with this elegant burlesque corset. Stunning red satin fabric immediately grabs your attention, and it’s accentuated with smooth and soft black boning that trims the waist and adds more colour and shaping as well as a silhouette to your outfit. Lace trim and ruffles decorate the sweetheart neckline, adding more coverage and some delicate flair that draws in the eye without revealing too much. The attached classy bottom skirt features rows of ruffles with red trim that flares out for a flattering and diverse burlesque style. This corset dress style can be worn on its own or with a costume for the full burlesque approach.

Josamogre Corsets Dress for Women

Burlesque Clothing

This stunning and laid back corset and dress style is a flattering traditional corset that pairs perfectly with the burlesque fashion world. With elegant red lace fabric that covers the entire bustier, your eye is immediately drawn to the colourful and exotic fabric. Black boning creates an hourglass silhouette and trims in your waist for a stunning look that’s topped with a ribbon closure and hook and eye closures up the front to allow your overbust corset to fit any body shape. With an attached floral lace skirt that pairs perfectly with your corset look, you can turn this corset into a full dress to enjoy the full burlesque experience.

Charmian Women’s Burlesque Sweetheart

Burlesque Clothing

This vintage and classic burlesque corset perfectly encapsulates the Victorian origins of burlesque design. This Charmian sweetheart bustier is a glamorous and petite corset option. With delicate periwinkle brocade fabric and an elegantly detailed Victorian floral schemes, this corset sits perfectly on your bust and draws in your waist and figure for a majestic hourglass figure. The sweetheart neckline supports and shows off your chest and creates a demure and elegant overboned look while thinning and gentle rows of paneling and delicate buttons line the bodice. A ribboned hemline adds a delicate additional detail that sits well over pants or longer skirts and the ribbon lace up in the back ensures appropriate sizing. This would also double well for a Bridgerton cosplay, the hit Netflix sensation that takes many style designs from the burlesque world.

Josamogre Bustier Overbust Corset

Burlesque Clothing

This stunning and sensual overbust corset is the perfect transparent top to fit over existing costumes or to be worn on its own for an intimate moment. With stunning black boning and transparent detailing that features elegant floral linework and a sweetheart neckline, this gothic inspired black top reeks of grace and sensuality. Featuring a hook eye closure front and a lace up back, this overbust corset fits anyone and has a beautiful sizing that you’re sure to fall in love with.

Rubies Fancy Dress Women’s Small Costume

Burlesque Clothing

This full body Rubie’s costume is the perfect total approach to fancy burlesque dress. The tight red corset top pulls together all the classic burlesque elements in one look, with a red satin skirt with tulle underlay that perfectly complements the burlesque fashion style. Long black stockings and gloves complete the ensemble, making this the perfect all-in-one fashion style for your burlesque look.

Burlesque Stockings

Yummy Bee Silky Sheer Stockings

These seamless suspender stockings from Yummy Bee are the perfect accessories to go underneath your burlesque corset or design. The silky backsteam stocks are deluxe and glamorous, found in black or nude with a single seam running up the back of your leg for a full-bodied design. You can pair them with cuban heels or any other design for the perfect glamorous look that fits all sizes, including plus sizes. These suspender stocks attach to garters or other stylish corset looks, making them great burlesque accessories.

Burlesque Headpiece

Bristol Novelty Burlesque Headpiece

This black fashion costume accessory is the perfect fancy burlesque dress headpiece that goes well with any full burlesque costume. The feather tops allow you to feel like you’re truly back in a novelty burlesque show, and it makes a great accessory for Halloween or a full cosplay. This one size fits all headpiece is the perfect topper to a great full look and arrives securely and quickly for your fashionable style.

Wilbers Red Moulin Rouge Burlesque Headpiece

The Wilbers Red Moulin Rouge headpiece is the perfect clip on for a Moulin Rouge style. With draping beads and a beautiful feather topper that clips onto your hair for the perfect style, this accessorizes red or neutral burlesque styles easily and makes for a great topper to your burlesque halloween costume.

If you’re interested in more information about burlesque costuming, take a look at our other articles on burlesque corsets here!

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