• Steampunk Shoes

    Steampunk Shoes

    The 1960s and 1970s were a tumultuous area in global history that gave rise to a number of different trends and movements, one of them being the steampunk movement. Originating in a specific sub-genre of cyberfiction, steampunk quickly spread to an overall artistic movement that encapsulated a fusion between Victorian and science fiction or fantasy trends. Today, steampunk exists as an articulated expression of elaborate design and technological innovation, creating a fantastical world of fun and intrigue. This article is all about the best steampunk shoes you can find online! Steampunk Fashion Steampunk clothing often incorporates all of the many elements of Steampunk into its design, including fantasy, technology, and…

  • Goth Boots
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    Goth Boots

    The Victorian Gothic style has many similarities to Steampunk, hence why the two often collide and form the sub-genre of Gothic Steampunk. The difference between Victorian Gothic and Steampunk, is that Gothic styles tend to be darker and focus on religion and the supernatural, whereas Steampunk focuses more on science-fiction and technology. Typically, gothic fashion consists of dyed hair, dark clothing, and dark makeup such as lipstick and eyeliner. Gothic boots are also a big part of gothic fashion, with most being black in colour, bulky in style, and a lot of them have buckles and accessories such as crosses hanging on them.  Different styles of Goth boots There are…

  • steampunk footwear

    Steampunk Footwear

    The term ‘steampunk’ originates from science fiction novels. It’s a subculture, a philosophy and a style. The movement is heavily tied up with fashion, taking heavy influence from futuristic technology and the cyberage as well as old fashioned Victorian era style. This hybridity blurs the boundaries of time and style and this is what the steampunk genre is all about. Translating these subjective terms into actual garments and fashion pieces, the cyber, futuristic side involves metal, chunky boots, heavy adornments of buckles, thick laces. From the Victorian era influence, steampunk fashion showcases lace, leather, Clashing doesn’t matter, this style is a reflection of industrialisation, full of contradictions and new developments.…

  • steampunk boots

    Steampunk Boots

    Steampunk fashion is heavily based on the fashions of the Victorian era, with an added element of science fiction and a post-apocalyptic world. Accessorising your Steampunk clothing is an important feature within the Steampunk community as it demonstrates uniqueness and individuality. Boots are one way of accessorising your outfit with Steampunk styles. Steampunk Boots for Women To fit in with the Steampunk colour scheme of monotone colours, Steampunk boots tend to be black or brown in colour. Frequently, the colour of the boots have an antique finish, this makes them look more genuine and makes your outfit look even better. A lot of the boot styles have heels and laces,…