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Steampunk fashion is heavily based on the fashions of the Victorian era, with an added element of science fiction and a post-apocalyptic world. Accessorising your Steampunk clothing is an important feature within the Steampunk community as it demonstrates uniqueness and individuality. Boots are one way of accessorising your outfit with Steampunk styles.

Steampunk Boots for Women

To fit in with the Steampunk colour scheme of monotone colours, Steampunk boots tend to be black or brown in colour. Frequently, the colour of the boots have an antique finish, this makes them look more genuine and makes your outfit look even better. A lot of the boot styles have heels and laces, but some may have buckles or other accessories. Buckles may also be in combination with laces. The boots tend to be made of leather (or leather-look), although it’s not uncommon to see suede boots. Steampunk boots are Victorian styles with many of them featuring Gothic styles such as buckles and accessories, or plating. Most commonly, women’s boots tend to come up higher than the calf, although it is not uncommon to see ones that are ankle length. Here are some of the best Steampunk boots for women:

These boots are elegant in style, the floral lace on half of the boot provides a sense of sophistication. The lace element is very Victorian due to the eras growth in lace clothing. The style is almost that of a Victorian riding boot. The thin heel and the above calf length makes these boots a great accessory for wearing with your Steampunk outfit. These boots may be relatively plain, but the pretty lacing and the metallic ribbon laces are eye catching and will make your outfit look even better.

In the riding boot style these boots are fit for an adventure as shown by the brown leather pocket detailing. The contrast of the brown leather detailing on the boots stand out against the black leather. The addition of further gold detailing of the studs and buckle further make the boots stand out. The buckle on the boots are also an important feature that highlight the quirkiness of the boots. The heels are short and contribute to the overall adventurous feel to them.

These maroon, high heeled boots are very slick looking. The overall detailing is relatively simple, although the colours and simple detailing are what makes these boots special. The brown leather once again stands out against the black leather, with your eyes being drawn to the gold metallic features. The gold cogs are perfectly identifiable within and out-with the Steampunk community, making these perfect for wearing with your Steampunk outfit. The black panelled tongue on the boots surpasses that of the knee length boot giving them a DIY style.

If you want to leave the accessorising up to the rest of your outfit, these boots are perfect. They are in the style of riding boots with a curved heel that provides a pleasing look and shape to the boot. The curved cuff of the boot is another key feature to this black boot, as well as the laces not going all the way to the top of the boot. The boots are thigh length and would look great paired with a dress.

Combat styles also look amazing on women. This style is Victorian in style by the design of the laces. The individual lace hoops look elegant with the antique looking brown leather. The knee high boots also contain two buckles around the top and one hoop at the heel. The design is relatively simple but they would look great paired with other accessories. 

Riding combat boots are a great addition to women’s Steampunk clothing. They can immediately give life to an outfit without even being massively quirky. These boots are knee high with laces that go all the way up the front of the boot. The two buckles on the boot are one of the few key features on the plain design. They are perfect for wearing with a dress.

These ankle boots are in the combat style and provide a stylish Victorian look while also looking ready for action. The buckles on the back of the boots adds to their overall appeal. The brown synthetic leather colour is accurately representative of the Steampunk style. 

These boots are extremely artistic looking, the black leather look with the sheen gives the sense of sophistication. The buckle across the toe is a stand out feature with the gold buckle highlighted against the smooth black faux leather. The boot also contains a wave-like pattern up the side of the boot, perhaps signifying the post-apocalyptic dangers, or maybe I’m looking too much into it. The pattern is very pretty and subtle, and the thin lacing going all the way to the top of the boot reaching a slanted cuff adds sophistication. The boots make a great accessory due to the shiny faux leather.

Steampunk Boots for Men

Men’s Steampunk boots are very similar in style to women’s boots – the same colours and materials. One of the main differences is that men’s Steampunk boots tend to be combat styled boots, with less delicate details, and more buckles and chains etc. Some of the men’s Steampunk boots are folded down at the top in a medieval style, almost like stereotypical pirate boots. Here are some men’s Steampunk boots for your outfit:

These ankle length boots are made from real leather and are in the ‘cowboy’ style. The dark brown leather has an antique looking finish with the faded looking leather at the toe. The placement of the brown leather panelling brings a DIY element to the boots. The buckles also provide an element of adventure, as well as the mysterious gold number printed on one of the buckles. The badge of what looks like a lion symbolises bravery and fits right in with the fashion of a post-apocalyptic world.

These combat boots are knee high and made from real leather. The boots are relatively simple in style, the many buckles wrapped around the boot are the main feature of them. The boots are chunky looking and are perfect for the Gothic Steampunk sub-genre. They look hand crafted by somebody from a post-apocalyptic world, the perfect look for somebody within the Steampunk community.

These men’s boots are a black riding style boot made from fake leather and have a crinkled effect. The crinkled effect adds to the vintage, Victorian look that the boots have. The boots are elegant looking, even with the addition of buckles. The slanted cuff of the boots adds to their elegance and again creates a Victorian image. These boots are an elegant option for men who often struggle to find elegance within men’s fashion.


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