• Steampunk Dresses

    Steampunk Dresses

    Steampunk dresses are primarily influenced by Victorian and Edwardian outfits. Due to this, elegant long dresses with frills and corsets are popular in the Steampunk community. However, the Steampunk style may include additional accessories and designs that feature Steampunk designs such as gears and other steam-powered looking technology. Many dresses go past elegance, and into badass with corsets over the top of dresses and short trims with ripped edges. There are many different styles of Steampunk dresses. Types of Steampunk dresses Depending on your style preference, there are many different types of Steampunk dresses. One of which is elegant Victorian dresses such as a mourning dress, or a riding dress.…

  • steampunk underbust corsets
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    Steampunk Underbust Corsets

    Corsets are a crucial part of steampunk culture and are endlessly popular. Different people enjoy corsets with varying shapes and sizes as they compliment their individual figures. One such style is the underbust corset, which goes from under the breasts (where the cups start on a typical bra) to the top of the hips. This means it’s less constricting and easier to wear, and usually cheaper. The underbust corset is very popular as a first corset, but others with more corset experience like them too.  Let’s take a look at some examples of good steampunk underbust corsets.  1) Charmian Women’s Steampunk Brocade Underbust Corset This Charmian women’s steamupunk underbust corset…

  • peaky blinders suit

    Peaky Blinders Suit

    After first airing on the 13th of September, 2013 on the BBC, ‘Peaky Blinders’ became a firm favourite amongst TV drama lovers. So many people all of a sudden wanted a Peaky Blinders suit! Introducing the Peaky Blinders The story centres around aspiring Birmingham gangster, Thomas Shelby who is played by popular actor, Cillian Murphy. After taking many opportunities, Shelby climbs through the ranks and rises with his newly formed gang, the Peaky Blinders. This gang is also a family business featuring John Shelby (Joe Cole) and Arthur Shelby (Paul Anderson). Furthermore, in the series, we see the Shelby brothers’ aunt, Elizabeth “Polly” Gray who is played by Helen McCrory…

  • Steampunk clothing
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    Steampunk Clothing

    Fashion is a core part of the steampunk movement. Steampunk clothing is often inspired by the industrial revolution and combined with mock-Victorian fashion to create clothing that’s full of nods to the upper class (top hats, silk dresses, waistcoats) and then pokes fun at the whole system by adding a punky, working class twist (goggles, work boots). We love to add a little steampunk fashion to our everyday attire, or dress up fully for steampunk conventions or parties, or just the hell of it! Here’s our list of steampunk essentials, and what really makes them ‘tick’! Steampunk Clothing – Unisex Let’s start with the unisex stuff: Firstly, a classic: goggles!…

  • mens steampunk clothing

    Men’s Steampunk Clothing

    Steampunk is a relatively modern movement inspired by the mix of Victorian/Industrialist ideas with clockwork and mechanical elements from fantasy. Some of the ideas have been dubbed ‘retro-futurism’ because they’re inspired by what Victorian people may have thought of as futuristic, like steampower. There are lots of different subgenres of steampunk, including gothic steampunk, clockwork steampunk, cyber steampunk and wild west steampunk. These often include jobs like pirate, engineer or aviator.  Steampunk is a multi-faceted movement: there are steampunk books, inventions, conventions and fashions. The fashion is often the most known part of steampunk, and many people enjoy cosplaying as steampunk characters or creating their own. We’ve got some great…

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    What is Steampunk fashion?

    Steampunk is one of my favourite cosplay genres. But what is the history of Steampunk? What is Steampunk Fashion? Introduction to Steampunk Fashion Steampunk originally started in the 1970s as a sub-genre of science fiction that incorporated aspects of the Victorian era (1837-1901) into novels based in an alternative reality. Although people now date the Steampunk genre as starting further back, with some including authors such as H.P. Lovecraft and Mary Shelley due to their obvious contribution to the inspiration for the Steampunk genre. Many Steampunk novels incorporate steam-powered machinery and technology into an aesthetically pleasing design. Novels such as Frankenstein envisioned what future technology may look like with the…

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    Steampunk Leggings for Summer

    Leggings are a fabulous item of clothing as they are so versatile and so comfy. You can dress them up and dress them down. They’re also a good value for money item. There are some amazing steampunk leggings that you can buy online including brown pinstripe, military leggings and cogs and gears printed leggings. I hope that you enjoy my selection! Steampunk Gears Leggings These steampunk gear print leggings come in a variety of print patterns and colours. I love the classic steampunk design in brown and gold. They’re Amazon’s choice for steampunk leggings. Here’s another great steampunk print choice… Leather and Lace look Leggings These gorgeous leather and lace…

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    The Best Steampunk Corsets

    Steampunk corsets should be at the top of your list of essentials if you are getting into steampunk fashion. Join me in my search today for the best corset steampunk style! But first of all, here’s a bit of an introduction to steampunk fashion. What is Steampunk Style? When someone says ‘steampunk’ several things spring to mind. Helena Bonham Carter, spiky goggles and Morlock Knight, for example, or the understanding of something that is both clearly based in the past but obviously looking to the future. Steampunk fashion is usually based on adaptations of Victorian dress, including the corset, stockings, boots and top hats but with mechanical upgrades that people…