• Burlesque Clothing
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    Burlesque Clothing

    Burlesque has long entertained the world with images of sultry lingerie and talented dancers and singers dancing through our heads. However, Burlesque is more than just sensual dancing- in fact, it’s an entire art form of its own with fashion design, talented live performance, and stunning makeup and hair that creates an immersive experience with blends of the past and present in order to create a historic and glamorous fashion movement. Today’s blog is all about Burlesque clothing – what to wear and where you can buy it. Though Burlesque first began with Vaudeville entertainers who saw the risque dancing as a way for women to entertain crowds in new…

  • Brown Corset

    What is the Best Brown Corset to buy Online?

    Corsets are a popular staple of many different fashion and costuming eras. First originating in Italy and eventually being introduced into European royalty courts in the 1500s by Catherine de Medici, corsets quickly took hold as a tight and elongated bodice that allowed you to shape or control your own figure as much as you liked. Seen as indispensable parts of the fashion world, corsets seized the fashion world and fast became a popular and relevant part of fashion design for the next three hundred years. Corsets quickly became known as both underwear and outerwear. The boned designs were an easy way to shape your figure, whether the style was…

  • Steampunk Detective
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    Steampunk Detective Cosplay

    A Steampunk detective is a particular way of dressing within the Steampunk genre. It looks cool and badass, this article will convince you why you should think about dressing as a Steampunk detective for next halloween or as part of your cosplay, but first of all what is a Steampunk detective? Knowing that Steampunk is massively influenced by the Victorian era, it is no wonder that Sherlock Holmes has become an icon within the Steampunk detective genre. Although the original novels written by Arthur Conan Doyle, who first introduced us to the character of Sherlock, do not contain any Steampunk elements, the character of Sherlock has been reimagined many times…

  • Steampunk Tailcoat

    Steampunk Tailcoat

    Tailcoats are a great part of any steampunk outfit. They work well for men and women, and can be dressed up into a fancy industrialist look or down into a Dickenisian ruffian cosplay. We’ve collected a group of our favourites to fill the wardrobes of every enthusiastic steampunker. Victorian Tailcoat – Halloween Carnival Let’s start with a real fancy-pants look. There’s no denying that this Victorian Tailcoat is great for a devilish gentleman/gentlewoman and would look fantastic with a pair of nicely tailored trousers and potentially a ruffled shirt. The black and silver give the coat a gothic feel but the cut of the coat and the integrated waistcoat still…

  • Steampunk Coat

    Steampunk Coat

    The Steampunk movement is a powerful artistic testament to the power of tech, gothic, and historic design. Steampunk lovers everywhere recognise steampunk as a creative way to express themselves and their interests, exploring everything from a mechanical interest to a vintage and gothic style, all through edgy fashion and accessory choices. Whether as a costume, cosplay, or a way of life, steampunk continues to be an exciting form of fashion that many continue to use. Today we’re on the quest for the best steampunk coat! Steampunk clothing takes on Victorian, gothic, and mechanical or technological tones in its design, usually emulating a dark and mysterious fashion style that intimidates as…

  • Steampunk Waist Cincher

    Steampunk Waist Cincher

    Steampunk waist cinchers are a great way to bring out the most in your outfit. They are adaptable and multi-dimensional in the sense that they can look great as part of many different Steampunk outfits such as a Steampunk pirate or even as part of a more elegant style. This article will help you to pick out the right Steampunk waist cincher for you.  So what is a waist cincher? Well, a waist cincher is a thick/wide belt that is worn around your waist. They are made from elasticated fabric and are worn to create the illusion of a smaller waist. Essentially working as a more comfortable type of corset.…

  • Steampunk Watch
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    Steampunk Watch

    When creating your own steampunk costume or outfit, it’s important to include a couple of accessories. Accessories really do complete your outfit and give it that finished look. One accessory you may be interested in, and one that is very popular, is a Steampunk watch or Steampunk pocket watch. Accessories like this are perfect for Steampunk themed convention. There are many of these held all around the world with one particular event, the Asylum Steampunk Festival, being held in Lincoln, United Kingdom. It is both the largest and longest running Steampunk convention in the world and is held every year attracting many visitors. Events like this are perfect examples of…

  • Gothic Waistcoat
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    Gothic Waistcoat

    In recent years, the ‘steampunk style’ has increased in popularity around the world. Many people have found a great interest in the genre through films, literature, clothing and many other different things. While the likes of film may be more popular, Steampunk themed clothing and outfits can be easily sourced at an affordable price and really help you rock that steampunk look. However, it would be fair to say that no Steampunk outfit would be complete without your very own Gothic waistcoat. With so many different styles, colours and themes available, your options are limitless. There are many reasons why someone would wear a Gothic waistcoat or a full steampunk…

  • Steampunk Skirt

    Steampunk Skirt

    If you are looking for a Steampunk skirt then look no further. This guide will help you to find the Steampunk skirt of your dreams, but first here is some background information on the types of Steampunk skirts that are available: Styles of Steampunk Skirt Due to Steampunk’s origins being tightly wound with the Victorian era and its fashion, Steampunk skirts are massively inspired by skirts from the Victorian period. However, even Victorian based skirts vary in style and length. Some of these different styles include; bustle skirts, lace skirts, tulle skirts, and ruffle skirts.  Short skirt Short skirts are good for pairing with tights and shirts. Depending on the…

  • Gothic Clothing

    Gothic Clothing

    Gothic clothing is a fashion style focused on dark clothing, dark hair, boots or creepers, cloaks, studs, buckles, corsets, gloves, bustiers, and dark make-up. Silver jewellery is also common within the style. The styles of Gothic clothing vary, although the Victorian and Elizabethan periods are frequently inspiration for Gothic fashion. The fashion seems to have derived from the Victorian era when mourning was a popular practice. Religious, Pagan and occult themes can also be seen frequently in Gothic items, perhaps this is due to the religious links to mourning and death. There are certain items/materials that are considered must-haves in Gothic fashion; velvet, lace, corsets, gloves, leather, and fishnet.  Gothic…