• Octopus Necklace

    Octopus Necklace

    If you’re looking for something that will add an extra something to your outfit, then an octopus necklace may be your solution for remaining Steampunk even in your day to day life. You might be wondering what is so Steampunk about an octopus necklace? Well, think of it this way, the octopus is like the patronus of Steampunk. Its use within Steampunk is likely to originate from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea that was written in 1870. The novel features Captain Nemo and the Nautilus, his advanced submarine that has Steampunk written all over it. In the novel, Nautilus encounters and fights many giant octopuses. It is most…

  • Gothic Jewellery
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    Gothic Jewellery

    Although gothicism is a broad subculture that spans music, literature, fashion and art, the thing that most people associate with goths is black. The goth look is creative, artistic and a great way to signify that the wearer is interested in the other things that gothic culture involves. Goths are well known for their striking and complex attire, which often involves layers of fishnet, lace and leather and their accessories. Because of the all-black looks, we think that having some really great jewlery is the best way to bring a little shine to an outfit- but that doesn’t mean that it has to be sunshine and rainbows. Gothic jewelry often…

  • Skull Jewellery

    Skull Jewellery you will Love!

    Steampunk fashion – and steampunk culture in general – has clear roots in a variety of cultures and subcultures. The influences of these can show up throughout steampunk fashion as callbacks or crossovers, and many steampunks will often be interested in and involved with these other subcultures. We think this is a great way to celebrate and honor them, and we are always keen to encourage crossovers.  One prominent subculture that heavily influenced early steampunk was the goths. It’s still common to find things associated with gothicism – like skulls, black lace and leather – in steampunk clothing and accessories. There are certain costumes, like morticians or pirates, that would…

  • Steampunk Wedding Rings
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    Steampunk Wedding Rings

    Steampunk is a way of life for many, it is only natural then that many choose to have a Steampunk theme on their big day. Steampunk weddings are unique and smothered in individuality. They focus on the Victorian era aesthetic and include the industrial theme.  Choosing your Steampunk Wedding Ring One of the most important choices you will make for your Steampunk wedding is your style of ring. There are many different styles of Steampunk wedding rings, and hopefully this will help you to navigate what you want.  Steampunk wedding rings for men most commonly come in a silver or gunmetal colour. Although many contain gold gears and other industrial…

  • Steampunk Jewellery

    Steampunk Jewellery

    Steampunk jewellery is a lot of fun. It can be dramatic and gothic or mechanical and play into the clockwork preoccupation of steampunk. There are a few classic pieces that we think every steampunkess should have and other, more unique items that’ll make you really stand out. There’s so many different places to search for that perfect piece, from big names like Amazon to smaller, more boutique shops with independent craftspeople who hand make every artisanal piece. Cogs and gears are always popular, and mythical beasts add a fantasy touch to any look. You could even move towards something more gothic with a skeleton and a heart! Steampunk Earrings Let’s…