Octopus Jewellery

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Go steampunk every day by wearing gorgeous octopus jewellery. The Octopus is the epitome of steampunk in the animal world, with his steampunk like movement and goggle eyes!

Best Octopus Jewellery Online

You will be surprised at the range of octopus jewellery available online – you can get every thing from Octopus rings to necklaces and even octopus earrings. Here’s my collection of the best octopus jewellery that you can buy online.

Octopus Necklaces

Sterling Silver Octopus necklace

The perfect polished silver gives a shiny look to these sterling silver sea squid pendant.

Namaste jewellers Pewter Octopus Pendant

Designed in San Diego, California and created using the finest grade pewter, this Octopus pendant is hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. It measures roughly 1.5 inches in diameter and it’s a unisex piece.

Swarovski Crystal Octopus necklace

Octopus Brooches

Crystal Octopus pin Brooch

Octopus Earrings

octopus earrings

Novica Octopus drop earrings

Hand crafted is Asia, these Octopus earrings are sterling silver and fair trade.

Octopus Fish Hook Drop Earrings

Octopus Arm Stainless Steel Earrings

Octopus Rings

Nautical Octopus Tentacle Ring

Handmade in Armenia and perfect for the person whose ring size you are unsure of, because this octopus tentacle ring is adjustable!

octopus ring