• Gothic Waistcoat
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    Gothic Waistcoat

    In recent years, the ‘steampunk style’ has increased in popularity around the world. Many people have found a great interest in the genre through films, literature, clothing and many other different things. While the likes of film may be more popular, Steampunk themed clothing and outfits can be easily sourced at an affordable price and really help you rock that steampunk look. However, it would be fair to say that no Steampunk outfit would be complete without your very own Gothic waistcoat. With so many different styles, colours and themes available, your options are limitless. There are many reasons why someone would wear a Gothic waistcoat or a full steampunk…

  • Gothic Jewellery
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    Gothic Jewellery

    Although gothicism is a broad subculture that spans music, literature, fashion and art, the thing that most people associate with goths is black. The goth look is creative, artistic and a great way to signify that the wearer is interested in the other things that gothic culture involves. Goths are well known for their striking and complex attire, which often involves layers of fishnet, lace and leather and their accessories. Because of the all-black looks, we think that having some really great jewlery is the best way to bring a little shine to an outfit- but that doesn’t mean that it has to be sunshine and rainbows. Gothic jewelry often…

  • Goth Boots
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    Goth Boots

    The Victorian Gothic style has many similarities to Steampunk, hence why the two often collide and form the sub-genre of Gothic Steampunk. The difference between Victorian Gothic and Steampunk, is that Gothic styles tend to be darker and focus on religion and the supernatural, whereas Steampunk focuses more on science-fiction and technology. Typically, gothic fashion consists of dyed hair, dark clothing, and dark makeup such as lipstick and eyeliner. Gothic boots are also a big part of gothic fashion, with most being black in colour, bulky in style, and a lot of them have buckles and accessories such as crosses hanging on them.  Different styles of Goth boots There are…

  • gothic steampunk
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    Gothic Steampunk

    Gothic steampunk is a subculture within a subculture: within the steampunk movement there are several niches, including gothic steampunk, fantasy steampunk and wild west steampunk. These niches often borrow from other, non-steampunk subcultures- in this instance the gothic. Gothic steampunk is usually darker (both physically and metaphorically) than just steampunk and the clothing is usually black and lacy whilst still including classic steampunk elements such as top hats and goggles. Both gothic and steampunk fashions often feature corsets, so gothic steampunks often have a good selection to look through.  Because of the nature of the subculture, it’s difficult to categorize anything as specifically steampunk, gothic or gothic steampunk. Therefore, one…