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Although gothicism is a broad subculture that spans music, literature, fashion and art, the thing that most people associate with goths is black. The goth look is creative, artistic and a great way to signify that the wearer is interested in the other things that gothic culture involves. Goths are well known for their striking and complex attire, which often involves layers of fishnet, lace and leather and their accessories. Because of the all-black looks, we think that having some really great jewlery is the best way to bring a little shine to an outfit- but that doesn’t mean that it has to be sunshine and rainbows. Gothic jewelry often involves crucifixes, skulls and chokers as a clear call to goth’s association with BDSM, metal music and horror films and literature. 


Let’s start with something straightforward: a pentagram necklace. This is simple, androgenous and a staple of gothic and pagan ideology and culture. You can dress this up or down, as you like, which is perfect for a formal environment where full gothic attire may not be appropriate. There’s also no reason that this couldn’t be part of a larger goth outfit, potentially layered with other necklaces or with matching pentagram earrings or a bracelet. 


Another staple: a skull ring! Skulls and skeletons are often associated with goths, specifically because of their preoccupation with death, mourning and horror. Much like the pentagram necklace this is suitable for people of any gender, can be worn with a full outfit or just casually as a little reminder of goth culture. Rings are also great for anyone who fidgets and the texture of this makes it perfect for anyone who likes to spin or stroke rings for comfort. Finally, this is made of stainless steel so there’s no chance of your finger turning green after a few hours. 


Next, we have another ring. However, this is much more unique than the skull ring, because it doesn’t actually fit all the way around the finger in a continuous band like a typical ring. Instead, this curls up and down with tentacles designed to resemble an octopus. Fish, sea creatures and Lovecraftian horrors are often present in gothic culture, so it’s great to find a new and creative way to incorporate them into jewelry. Octopuses are also often found in gothic artwork and tattoos, so getting a small piece of jewelry is a good way to try out any ideas before you commit to having it on your skin. 


Moving on, there’s another ring with skulls. However, that’s pretty much where the resemblance stops: this ring has a pleasantly smooth band that’s black on the inside and then filled with identical, linked skulls. It’s a great way to explore how two similar-sounding rings can be interpreted in very different ways. Because it’s smooth there’s less chance of it getting caught in anything and becoming damaged, and it should be easy to keep clean and free of any rust. The skulls are an obvious reference to gothic horror, and the overall effect is simple and effective. 


Bats have been associated with the supernatural, witches and vampires for hundreds of years. Vlad the Impaler (the inspiration for Dracula) used bat migration to win a battle, furthering this stereotype and creating a myth that he was personally able to transform into a bat. So, it’s great (and relevant) to see bats used in gothic jewelry. This one is positioned as if it was flying, and shows the full extent of its wings. This would be a great halloween accessory for anyone, and it’s a beautiful signifier of gothic history and could be worn year-round for anyone with an affinity for these creatures.


These earrings are simple and brilliant. Swords are powerful and associated with history, mythology and power and many people now have them as decorations in their homes. If you’d like to take a little bit of this around with you, these sword earrings are perfect. Using them as earrings also gives them a subversive power: you’re wearing something used to cut throats and behead people, and they’re dangling right next to your neck. These earrings are also beautifully detailed and are reminiscent of ceremonial swords from fantasy as well as those actually used on the battlefield. 


As I mentioned earlier, lace is often a crucial part of gothic fashion and clothing. So, we’re continuing this and making it into jewelry too! Chokers are also a great part of gothic wear and call to Victorian fashions, covering up vampire bites and reminding everyone of The Green Ribbon story. This lace choker is gorgeous and simple, and the lace makes it sexy too. It will work perfectly with other, lower hanging necklaces and gives the wearer a great, gothic look. 


Our final piece combines two things typically associated with goths: bats and coffins. This necklace is simple and pretty, and works perfectly as a small accessory that can be worn with a full gothic outfit or just as a little hint towards the wearer’s sensibilities. The bat shape is perfectly cut and has brilliant detail, and encompassing it in a coffin is a unique idea that’s perfect for any goth.