• Steampunk iPhone case
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    Steampunk iPhone case UK

    Recently, the Steampunk genre has gained a lot of popularity in the world and this is evident through the themed events created such as parties, festivals and conventions. The Steampunk genre originates from the second half of the 19th century when the United Kingdom, and subsequently the rest of the world, entered a period of time known as the Industrial Revolution. Here, the world saw the creation of lots of steam powered machinery, a great example of this being trains, and this is where the genre gets its name. Join us today on the search for the best steampunk iPhone case! Nowadays, many fans of the genre like to dress…

  • Steampunk Top Hat

    Steampunk Top Hat

    Are you looking for a new top hat to top off your Steampunk look? Then you’re in the right place. But first, why are top hats so Steampunk? We all know that Steampunk fashion is heavily based on the Victorian era and the fashions from that period. The reason top hats are so popular within the Steampunk community are not only because they look insanely cool, it’s because top hats were a popular accessory in the Victorian era. You get top hats in many different styles and many different heights/shapes. This takes us onto the next point, what makes a top hat Steampunk? A Steampunk top hat can be anything,…

  • Steampunk Watch
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    Steampunk Watch

    When creating your own steampunk costume or outfit, it’s important to include a couple of accessories. Accessories really do complete your outfit and give it that finished look. One accessory you may be interested in, and one that is very popular, is a Steampunk watch or Steampunk pocket watch. Accessories like this are perfect for Steampunk themed convention. There are many of these held all around the world with one particular event, the Asylum Steampunk Festival, being held in Lincoln, United Kingdom. It is both the largest and longest running Steampunk convention in the world and is held every year attracting many visitors. Events like this are perfect examples of…

  • Steampunk Bracelet

    Steampunk Bracelet

    Many people love wearing jewelry. It can look great and set the wearer apart, giving them an extra boost of confidence. A popular form of jewelry would be bracelets and, for the fans of the steampunk genre, there are many steampunk themed bracelets which can be purchased – all of which are of great quality and look incredible. A steampunk themed bracelet would be defined by the various images and or themes that may appear on them. These would be things most associated with the steampunk genre such as cogs and gears, clocks, keys and octopi. Also, you’ll likely find colours ranging from golds and browns to more black and…

  • Best Steampunk Cufflinks

    Steampunk Cufflinks

    When creating a Steampunk themed outfit or costume, you want to be sure you get it just right. This could mean picking out the correct colours and themes or focusing on small details such as any accessories you may want to include. One fantastic accessory to add would be some simple cufflinks. Cufflinks are a great accessory and add something special to any outfit without being too flashy or ‘out there’ if you prefer to keep things more simplistic. However, you are, of course, more than welcome to wear more flashy cufflinks or other accessories as it is your outfit after all! Steampunk themed cufflinks would be perfect for any…

  • Steampunk Mad Hatter

    Steampunk Mad Hatter

    Are you looking to dress up as the Mad Hatter for your next Steampunk convention? Well this is the perfect article for you for putting together your Mad Hatter outfit that will wow all those who see it. The Mad Hatter is a fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865). Although in the book the ‘Mad Hatter’ is only ever referred to as ‘Hatter’. He is a seemingly ‘mad’ character that speaks in riddles, dresses peculiarly, and has a strange fascination with time. The Mad Hatter’s depiction varies between the books and Disney, the main difference being the fact that in the book, the Hatter irritates…

  • Steampunk Bowler Hats

    Steampunk Bowler Hats

    A lot of steampunk fans consider the top hat to be a classic, and it does certainly point to the Victorian influences in steampunk. But it’s not the only option, and many steampunkers prefer to switch it up with a bowler for something that’s close, but still original. There’s loads of choices for men, women and they can work well with all kinds of different costumes. We’ve compiled our favourites to help guide you through some great options. Best Steampunk Bowler Hats on Etsy Let’s start with something classic, simple and still thoroughly steampunk. This bowler hat wouldn’t look out of place at an acoustic open mike night, but the…

  • Steampunk Weapons

    Steampunk Weapons

    Steampunk weapons are bound to make any outfit more exciting. Your choice of weapon will essentially depend on your character. It is possible to buy steampunk weapons online, but it’s so much fun to make your own, so do consider some steampunk DIY. Steampunk Weapons available Online Cane Sword A cane sword is a perfect choice for those who are looking to be more discreet and elegant with their characters’ weaponry. The Nautilus Steampunk Sword Cane was named after Captain Nemo’s famous submarine. The sword is secretly hidden away inside the Victorian style cane and so you can surprise any enemies by pulling out the 12″ stainless steel blade that…

  • steampunk goggles
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    Steampunk Goggles

    Goggles are an absolutely essential part of steampunk fashion, to the point that most looks aren’t really complete without a pair. Steampunk’s history has always involved goggles because of their associations with industry, aviation and invention. They can be as elaborate or simple as you like, but we’d really recommend looking through our top picks to see what you’d want to incorporate into your next steampunk look as the perfect finishing touch or a starting point to build your outfit around.  1)  UMBRELLA LABORATORY Steampunk Victorian Style Goggles with Compass Design We’re starting this list with a look we love. These Umbrella Laboratory steampunk goggles are decorated but they aren’t…

  • how to wear a pocket watch

    How to Wear a Pocket Watch

    Without a doubt, the most popular steampunk accessory has got to be the pocket watch. This is what any steampunk fan needs to complete the look. Traditionally, in the industrial era, pocket watches would have been worn by locomotive operators to ensure trains arrived at their specific stops on time. Other, higher class members of society would have used pocket watches to simply tell the time during their daily lives. Pocket watches are seen as having a Neo-Victorian feel as well as a unique way of feeling the power of the past, present and more retro-style future. I hope that you enjoy today’s article on how to wear a pocket…