• steampunk mask

    Steampunk Masks

    It seems very apt to be writing about steampunk masks during the pandemic! I shared a video on Facebook this week of a guy in the car park of an American supermarket. He was sporting full plague doctor costume with plague doctor mask! Whether you are looking for something to wear during the pandemic or looking for steampunk cosplay ideas, join us today in search of the best steampunk mask you can buy online… Medical Disclaimer – These masks are not medically approved for stopping the spread of viruses. Use at your own discretion. Simple Steampunk Masks and Face Coverings Steampunk Face Covering This skull Face covering is a cloth…

  • steampunk hat

    Steampunk Hats

    Steampunk fashion is heavily influenced by Victorian, neo-Victorian and Industrialist styles. These may not necessarily be historically accurate- it seems unlikely that a Victorian gentleman in a top hat would also need a pair of goggles- but the fantasy elements combined with ‘steampunk jobs’ mean that these often collide and create the most recognisable elements of steampunk fashion. Some of the steampunk hats come with the other ‘staple’, namely steampunk goggles. There are several fun options: either you can have steampunk hats with integrated goggles, wear a hat with separate goggles or wear a hat with integrated goggles and wear separate goggles over your actual eyes! Creativity is an essential…

  • steampunk glasses

    Steampunk Glasses

    Steampunk goggles and glasses are likely the most recognisable accessory of Steampunk fashion. They are the identifying segment of what makes the Steampunk aesthetic. That’s why choosing the right pair is crucial to your outfit. Whether it be the traditional and bold goggles style, or the everyday pair of sunglasses. Your decision will be based on your purpose. There are many different styles of Steampunk glasses, they come in all shapes and sizes; round frames, rectangular frames, with side shields, without side shields, goggle style, flip ups, or the motorcycle style. There is no lack of choice, that’s for sure. Since glasses are a crucial part of your Steampunk outfit,…

  • Steampunk Guns

    Steampunk Guns

    Steampunk guns are an essential steampunk accessory! Whether you are cosplaying a genuine steampunk character or you are ‘steampunkifying’ Disney or Batman, you’re sure to need one of these! There are some amazing steampunk guns that you can buy on Etsy, but before you go splashing your cash, I’d encouraged you to DIY your own steampunk gun. It’s great to make one out of egg boxes and toilet rolls – you would be surprised with what you can come up with around the home. You can also find stacks of gears and accessories online to jazz it up with. Many people also buy cheap spray paint in silver, gold and…

  • Steampunk accessories

    Steampunk Accessories

    Steampunk accessories are often the identifiable feature of any Steampunk look, from essentials such as goggles or top hats, to pocket watches or boots. These items help to complete the Steampunk aesthetic. Without them, it is doubtful that your outfit will be considered as Steampunk fashion. The unique accessories within Steampunk fashion are arguably the most important part of any outfit, it’s what makes it ‘Steampunk’. Essential Steampunk Accessories Some items are essential for any Steampunk outfit, they are in many ways the identifiers of the Steampunk aesthetic. Utility Belt A utility belt is a commonly used accessory within Steampunk fashion. It adds an extra something to your outfit and…