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Recently, the Steampunk genre has gained a lot of popularity in the world and this is evident through the themed events created such as parties, festivals and conventions. The Steampunk genre originates from the second half of the 19th century when the United Kingdom, and subsequently the rest of the world, entered a period of time known as the Industrial Revolution. Here, the world saw the creation of lots of steam powered machinery, a great example of this being trains, and this is where the genre gets its name. Join us today on the search for the best steampunk iPhone case!

Nowadays, many fans of the genre like to dress in clothing themed around it as well as enjoy many other themed things such as films, books and board games. There are also many conventions that Steampunk fans are able to visit with one of these being the Asylum Steampunk Festival which is held annually in Lincoln. Aside from clothing itself, a lot of people enjoy wearing and using Steampunk themed accessories also. These can include necklaces and watches but recently there have been new creations such as iPhone cases.

Steampunk themed iPhone cases are mostly available on the usual online selling stores such as Ebay and Etsy but this article will focus on the phone cases available on Amazon. Also, more often than not, iPhone cases are made of aluminium so they have a good, solid structure to protect your phone however it is also possible to find other cases in a more flexible material such as silicone.

Best Steampunk iPhone Case UK

So, without any further ado, what are the best Steampunk themed iPhone cases?

Gear Wheels Transparent Phone Cover

First., there is the Gear Wheels Transparent Phone Cover which is made by Dessana and can be purchased on Amazon for just under £10. The colour of this phone case is advertised as Zahnrad Steampunk and features the usual Steampunk associations such as shades of brown, gold and grey. Also, this case is made of silicon material and so it is flexible and durable. The phone case is expertly designed to fit perfectly in your phone.

Steampunk Clock Gears Case Cover

Next, there is the Steampunk Clock Gears Case Cover which has been created by Innovedesire and can be purchased on Amazon for just under £15. This case, which has been designed for the iPhone 11, features a clock in its design with the skeleton design of the Steampunk genre shown through the visible cogs and gears. The case is made of a hard, resistant plastic and has a glossy finish.

Skull Steampunk Wallet Case

Also, for just under £18 on Amazon, you can get the Skull Steampunk Wallet Case which is made by Anne Stokes. This case is compatible with both the iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 8 plus and is a leather wallet case. It has slots for any cards such as ID and can be securely fastened using a magnet. The Steampunk theme of this case is evident through the skull on its front.

Steampunk Dragon Case

In addition to these phone cases, there is also the Steampunk Drinks Dragon Case which is made by Stanley Morrison and can be purchased on Amazon for just under £15. This case is compatible with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8 as well as the iPhone 8 SE. The main design of the case is a golden coloured dragon which is made up of cogs, gears and machinery and it is seated in a glass – the design itself is scratch resistant. The phone case is made of soft gel meaning it is durable as well as being lightweight.

Vintage and Steampunk Hybrid Case

You may be interested in this Vintage and Steampunk Hybrid case which can be purchased on Amazon for just under £17 and was created by Simone Gatterwe. This case features a heart design which is bordered by gears and cogs adding to its Steampunk elements. It is compatible with the iPhone X as well as the iPhone XS and is made up of rubber gel helping to make it more durable. To add to this, the case is also backed with polycarbonate helping to add some extra strength.

Official Steampunk Surreal Case

Perhaps you might like the Steampunk Surreal Case which is made by Riza Peker and can be purchased on Amazon for just under £15. This case is compatible with both the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6 Plus and has a fantastic design of a female Steampunk character – this design is scratch resistant. Furthermore, the case itself is made of a soft gel making it both durable and lightweight.

Steampunk Hard Back iPhone Case

Lastly, there is the Steampunk Hard Back case which has also been made by Simone Gatterwe and can be purchased on Amazon for just under £15. This case is compatible with the iPhone 6 as well as the iPhone 6s and has both a rustic and vintage gear design on its front. This case is made up of a hard-shell polycarbonate material which helps scratches, dirt and dust.

So, to conclude, there are many fantastic Steampunk themed cases for your iPhone! All of these cases are reasonably affordable and excellent value for money as are very carefully made with amazing designs. A Steampunk themed iPhone case is sure to create some positive attention!

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