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Welcome to steampunker! With Christmas approaching (yes – we are allowed to mention the ‘C’ word once we hit October!) it’s time for a round up of the best Steampunk Gifts you can buy. Today Steampunk Gifts blog includes jewellery, books and steampunk accessories.

Baban Cufflinks

These Baban cufflinks are the perfect addition to any ensemble and will make sure the wearer stands out from the crowd. The mechanical, steampunk style cufflinks feature an intricate, clockwork design making them a beautifully, unique accessory.

steampunk gifts baban cufflinks

Such fine workmanship has gone into the creation as each cufflink was delicately sculpted by hand to ensure the upmost care and attention to detail. The cufflinks are presented in a storage box that is perfect for gift giving and includes a reversible lid that can be used for display purposes. 

Steampunk Goggles

These steampunk inspired googles have a most distinctive design with a retro, Victorian style. They feature both a double magnifier and a  kaleidoscope lens along with an adjustable rubber headband making them a universal size, perfect for anyone.

steampunk goggles

The goggles also come with yellow, green and pink lenses allowing you to change the look and enjoy a colourful world. With attractive rivets, unique lenses and a vintage, bronzed frame, they are an incredible addition to any outfit or costume. The unique, cool and funky look of these goggles makes them a fabulous accessory for cosplay, events and festivals. 

The Stormgrave Chronometer Clock

This highly designed, steampunk-inspired clock features a mechanical design crafted by Alchemy. Hand-painted and with an antiqued, metallic finish, extreme attention to detail has been paid in this creation. The elaborate design is a perfect gift for a steampunk enthusiast with a look expressing that the rules of time can be bent not only monitored. The clock is free-standing and battery operated making it the perfect addition to a household due to its moveability.

steampunk gifts clock

The Stormgrave Chronometer Clock is an intricate and unique centerpiece beautifully presented in a branded The Vault by Alchemy box.

3D Wooden Puzzle Treasure Box

This unique treasure box can be perfect for use as either a jewellery or keepsake box. The box is a creative project that is suitable for both experienced and beginner model builders with an expected 4-6 hour build time.

The elegant wooden box is made with premium plywood that is precision cut into pieces to allow you to build and express your creativity. The box also features a locking mechanism for both security and privacy. The stunning, vintage design of the box makes it a perfect gift for a steampunk enthusiast, especially someone with a creative flair. 

Steampunk Bookmark

This steampunk bookmark is a unique and stunningly designed gift perfect for any book and steampunk lover. This antiqued, bronzed bookmark features small watch parts sealed in a resin making a stylish, vintage item. Every bookmark is unique as the items are handmade and the watch parts are arranged differently in each individual bookmark. The intricate design and individualisation of the item makes for a perfect and unique gift. All bookmarks are housed in a small, silver box and are excellently presented for gift giving.

steampunk gifts

Steampunk Bible

The Steampunk Bible is an illustrated guide of the world of imaginary airships, corsets, goggles, mad scientists and strange literature. The bible celebrates the evolution of steampunk from a literary movement to the culture and way of life it is today.

The Steampunk Bible is a fully illustrated compendium and the first of its kind to explore the roots and history of steampunk as well the craftsmen and artists of modern steampunk culture. The Steampunk Bible is written by two best selling writers who specialise in steampunk literature. This is the ultimate resource for steampunk enthusiasts examining steampunk culture past, present and future. 

Steampunk Writing Notebook

This leather-bound notebook with handcrafted gear design on the cover holds a vintage style and steampunk feel. The handmade notebook is made of quality leather and is compact and portable for travelling. Lined pages make the notebook great for journaling, planning or as a travel diary. This uniquely designed notebook is the perfect addition to any steampunk collection. 

Steampunk Colouring Book

Adult colouring books are all the rage right now. With a focus of stress-relief, colouring books help to focus on being present, being mindful and are a great way to be distracted from the daily stresses of modern life. This Steampunk Colouring Book features a fascinating collection of stunning images and intricate drawings related to the extraordinary steampunk genre and culture.

Passions of both fantasy and art are satisfied through this amazing steampunk themed colouring book. Your dreams, visions and artistic flair will come alive as you fill the pages with colour.

Forsining Skeleton Wristwatch

This wristwatch is the perfect accessory to smarten and complete any look. The Skeleton Wristwatch by Forsining features a skeletal, clockwork design and naked, analogue dial. The vintage watch face is complimented with a genuine leather strap making for a modern twist on the vintage design. The watch also features the latest, mechanical technology for a quality watch. The watch is of a subtle, adaptable style for everyday life but hints at the steampunk style with the unique and intricate design. 

steampunk gifts skeleton wristwatch

Zaiqun Steampunk Goggles

When I think of steampunk, I think of goggles so it was only right to include two incredible goggle designs in this blog about steampunk gifts. These Zaiqun Steampunk Goggles are the ultimate kaleidoscope accessory with beautiful, rainbow, crystal lenses.

steampunk gifts goggles

The lenses sparkle against the antiqued frame and the rainbow effect ensures that the goggles look different and change colour depending on the angle viewed from. The goggles also feature an adjustable, elasticated headband for universal use. These goggles make for a remarkable visual effect and phenomenal experience.

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