Steampunk iPhone case UK

Steampunk iPhone case

Recently, the Steampunk genre has gained a lot of popularity in the world and this is evident through the themed events created such as parties, festivals and conventions. The Steampunk genre originates from the second half of the 19th century when the United Kingdom, and subsequently the rest of the world, entered a period of … Read more

Steampunk Gifts

Steampunk Gifts

Welcome to steampunker! With Christmas approaching (yes – we are allowed to mention the ‘C’ word once we hit October!) it’s time for a round up of the best Steampunk Gifts you can buy. Today Steampunk Gifts blog includes jewellery, books and steampunk accessories. Baban Cufflinks These Baban cufflinks are the perfect addition to any … Read more

Octopus Gifts

Octopus gifts

Octopus gifts are popular with steampunk lovers as this fabulous creature represents the industrial revolution. It could be to do with the way that it moves mechanically or appears to be wearing steampunk goggles! They also influenced the Kracken – the giant mythical sea monster of Norweigan folklore and fantasy. But lets get technical about … Read more

Octopus Wine Glasses

Octopus wine glasses

There’s nothing steampunkier than sipping wine from an Octopus wine glass while wearing your favourite steampunk clothes! Today I have scouted out the best Octopus wine glasses on the internet! But first of all, why are Octopuses so steampunk? Why is the Octopus Steampunk? Octupuses feature heavily in steampunk literature and design. The steampunk fascination … Read more

Steampunk Dog Gift Ideas

steampunk dog

I first learned about ‘Steampunk Style’ fashion when I saw a great episode of ‘The Guild’. I was inspired to combine this with my other passion – dogs! The Steampunk dogs in this post feature great accessories – you will be sure to see the odd top hat and monacle! But for dogs, Steampunk is all … Read more