Octopus wine glasses
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Octopus Wine Glasses

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There’s nothing steampunkier than sipping wine from an Octopus wine glass while wearing your favourite steampunk clothes! Today I have scouted out the best Octopus wine glasses on the internet! But first of all, why are Octopuses so steampunk?

Why is the Octopus Steampunk?

Octupuses feature heavily in steampunk literature and design. The steampunk fascination with them probably stems from one of the most famous steampunk novels 20,000 leagues under the sea. The Octopus also influenced the Lovecraftian novel ‘Call of Cthulu’ although this is more fantasy than steampunk.

6 Reasons Why the Octopus Is the Mascot of Steampunk
6 Reasons why the Octopus is the Mascot of Steampunk – steampunkavenue.com

If you take a look at the Octopus, it naturally looks like it should be wearing goggles! But what is important to note is the ingenious way that it moves and expels water – almost like a steam powered machine. The Octopus was also the symbol of the Industrial revolution – an integral aspect of the steampunk era. Steampunk is all about invention and creation, and this is probably one of the most inventive creatures on the planet, and so it’s no surprise that Octopuses have become an integral steampunk animal.

Best Octopus Wine Glasses

These simple wine glasses with Octopus engraving are subtle yet elegant and perfect for any dinner guests. They are dishwasher safe and add a sophisticated elegance to every glass of wine served!

octopus wine glasses

This engraved Octopus wine glass is more steampunk specific. It’s laser engraved and makes the perfect gift.

steampunk octopus wine glasses

Maybe you would prefer a stemless Octopus wine glass? This gold Octopus stemless wineglass could be the one for you…

octopus wine glasses

One of my favourites is this Veronese Design 9.75 Inch Steampunk Octopus Tentacle Occult Wine Glass with an Antique Bronze Finish. This is certainly one of the best options. It’s well made and expertly Cast in a Bronzed Resin with a Felt Bottom so it will not scratch your surfaces.

Another excellent steampunk option is this Deep Sea Diver Octopus Wine Glass. Crafted from Polyresin with a Metallic Bronze Finish, this item makes a Great Gift.

Octopus wine glasses

Steampunk Octopus Goblets

If you are looking for something more exquisite, with hardcore in your face Octopi, go for an amazing steampunk octopus goblet. Check out this Nemesis Now Vessel of the Deep…I love the brass and copper effect – drinking from this you will feel like an epic steampunk leader!

steampunk octopus wine glasses

Or how about this Nemesis now Cthulu goblet? This mythical goblet is cast in the finest resin and is an Amazon’s choice product.

Nemesis Now Cthulu goblet

Octopus Shot Glasses

Fancy a shot? These four Octopus shot glasses will match your wine glasses and be great for when the night progresses!

Octopus Martini Glass

Enjoy sipping a Martini from this metallic bronze martini glass – the octopus arm creates the steam and curls itself around your vessel!

Octopus Martini glass

Octopus Whiskey Glasses

And now…something for the whiskey drinkers! Inspired by the legendary Kraken, these octopus whiskey glasses WILL get a reaction from guests, especially steampunkers! Each bourbon glass is engulfed in the tentacles of the notorious sea monster – an unmissable addition to your home bar.

Octopus whiskey glasses

Octopus Glass Decanter

This bronze finish octopus glass decanter set is for the most sophisticated and serious steampunkers who want to retrieve their beverage from something that looks like the Kracken coming out of the sea! It measures 12 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter. This Clear Glass Octopus detailed decanter comes with a Tangled Tentacle Stopper and 2 Clear Glass Shot Glasses.

Octopus Style Decanter

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