• Steampunk Mirror

    Steampunk Mirror

    If your passion for Steampunk is slowly taking over all aspects of your life, including your home design, then a Steampunk mirror will likely be on your list of furnishings to get for your new décor. Even within the Steampunk design, there are many different types of mirrors available such as; industrial, Victorian, and fantasy such as octopus mirrors.  Victorian Victorian mirrors are elegant and expensive looking in style. Frequently being thick with 3D designs of flowers and patterns protruding from the popularly gold frame. They come in many shapes from rectangular to oval, but they all have similar elements that make them undoubtedly Victorian. This is a classic looking…

  • Victorian Bathroom Accessories

    Victorian Bathroom Accessories

    Victorian bathroom accessories are a fashionable way to improve your bathroom space. The Victorian era had a very distinct style of bathroom, including roll top baths, and chrome, gold, or nickel metal sections as many accessories were created from metal components in the Victorian era. Other materials to include and to look for in your accessories are pottery, china, and ceramic. White is a good colour to look for in these materials as it is traditional and can be mixed and matched in your bathroom. The tiles are an important feature for your Victorian style bathroom, the tiles can change the whole design, this is why it’s important to get…

  • Octopus wine glasses
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    Octopus Wine Glasses

    There’s nothing steampunkier than sipping wine from an Octopus wine glass while wearing your favourite steampunk clothes! Today I have scouted out the best Octopus wine glasses on the internet! But first of all, why are Octopuses so steampunk? Why is the Octopus Steampunk? Octupuses feature heavily in steampunk literature and design. The steampunk fascination with them probably stems from one of the most famous steampunk novels 20,000 leagues under the sea. The Octopus also influenced the Lovecraftian novel ‘Call of Cthulu’ although this is more fantasy than steampunk. If you take a look at the Octopus, it naturally looks like it should be wearing goggles! But what is important…

  • sherlock chair

    Sherlock Chair

    Be just like Sherlock Holmes with a classic Sherlock chair. It’s a steampunk home essential. This comfortable high backed chair is smart and refined, with a touch of class. Sherlock chairs come with and without studs, in leather and fabric. They also come in different dimensions. The classic Sherlock chair is also know as a ‘Chesterfield’ and a great place to start would be second hand shops or Ebay. You may be able to pick up a nice second hand Sherlock chair like this gorgeous Ox-Blood red one. However, you can still get these style chairs new on Amazon and other stores. The two main deciding factors on your Sherlock…

  • steampunk clock

    Steampunk Clock

    Time is of the essence in steampunk, and if you are designing a steampunk bedroom, lounge or kitchen, a steampunk clock will be sure to be the centrepiece. If you really want to go all out, a grandfather clock is a fantastic statement piece. There some amazing wall and desk clocks available on amazon and here are some of my favourites. Octopus Steampunk Clock This gorgeous Octopus steampunk clock is available on Etsy and there are only two left. This clockwork cephalopod is cast in high-quality resin before being given a bronze finish and hand-painted. The bulbous octopus’ head has been implanted with a beautiful large brass clock face and…