Chesterfield sofas are enduringly popular, both in living rooms and offices and in themed lounges in people’s homes. If you’re a steampunk fan and want to add a Victorian touch to a room, a Chesterfield sofa can be a great way to do it without compromising on comfort or cosiness. They’re often made of leather and are dark browns, which match nicely with corsets and other Steampunk clothing, and bring a warmth to the room whilst still keeping the atmosphere somewhat formal. 

Chesterfield sofas are often associated with British nobility, and their popularity expanded as their use spread across the empire. Designed by the Earl of Chesterfield (hence the name), Chesterfield sofas were originally designed so that someone could sit down without wrinkling their suit. This happened just before Queen Victoria took the throne, and many films set in the Victorian era will include a Chesterfield sofa in their set, especially if the characters are supposed to be upper class.

If you’re looking to get a new Chesterfield sofa, it’s worth shopping around because the prices and options for colours and materials can vary wildly. Prices can range from around £400-£2500 (Clara’s note NOT FOR PUBLICATION – prices taken from DFS, Amazon and Cheaper options do tend to be smaller, and it’s actually possible to find Chesterfield-style armchairs and chaise-lounges, if you don’t have a lot of room or would like to mix and match different styles of sofa for an eclectic feel. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, an upcycled second-hand Chesterfield sofa can be great for you, your wallet and the planet! You can check places like Gumtree, Facebook Marketplace, Freecycle or British Heart Foundation stores (and bonus, you’ll be funding something amazing) or just local shops and markets. The prices are almost all under £1000, and often less than £500. 

There are lots of options for colours, materials and sizes for Chesterfield sofas, so you really have plenty of choice to pick out what works best in your space. You’ll find that a lot of the colours that crop up in steampunk clothing also make their way onto Chesterfield sofas, like burgundies, browns, bronzes and occasionally maroons and bottle greens. The most common materials are leather and velvets, which are also often found on steampunk corsets, suits, skirts and top hats. For a proper steampunk feel, try to match the Chesterfield sofa with wood paneling, a globe, telescope, and possibly a clock with the cogs clearly visible.

Now, let’s look at some of the best picks for a Chesterfield sofa!


Our first pick is a modern twist on the Chesterfield. It’s not leather, and there are colour options that one might not associate with steampunk, but it is still unmistakably a Chesterfield sofa with the tufting and deep and low seat that one might expect. It’s also sturdy, stable and durable and great for regular use and comfort. 


If money speaks and wealth whispers, class does whatever this sofa is up to. It’s grand, and not just because we can see it sitting nicely next to a piano. A good Chesterfield sofa will sit nicely next to a bookcase, and you’ll almost certainly be able to enjoy a nice brandy here. Unlike the first option, this sofa is made of bonded leather and will smell great. There are options for different sizes to suit your needs and space, and they’re all comfortable and shaped for style and, of course, to avoid wrinkling your suit. But if you wear your leggings here, we won’t tell. 


This is another luxurious looking sofa that also feels great. Unlike our previous option, this is made with velvet for a truly decadent feel – but without the price tag! There are the quintessential button tufts on the back, and generous and comfortable cushions that are firm enough to support you and soft enough to mold to your shape. The legs are made from mango wood and the colours work nicely together to bring some colour to the room without making it too bright.


Our final option comes with the biggest price tag. Don’t be discouraged, though – this handmade leather sofa can certainly justify the extra money, and it’s the most glamorous and customisable Chesterfield sofa. If you’re interested, we’d recommend contacting the buyer beforehand to discuss the different options to make it perfect for you, as they’ll be making it specially. If you’d like to add some steampunk elements, like cogs on the back or chains down the side, make this known. Even without amendments, this is gorgeous: the leather is luxurious, the accents and legs are beautifully detailed and the colour will work with any lighting and layout for a room.

Designing and decorating a room is one of the most fun things to do when you get a new place to live. Take the opportunity to work in your interests and throw in some steampunk furniture to really make somewhere feel like your own home. There are plenty of other things to add to make a lounge, bedroom or library feel special, but we think that somewhere to sit, talk to friends, read or just be quiet is really important.