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Time is of the essence in steampunk, and if you are designing a steampunk bedroom, lounge or kitchen, a steampunk clock will be sure to be the centrepiece. If you really want to go all out, a grandfather clock is a fantastic statement piece. There some amazing wall and desk clocks available on amazon and here are some of my favourites.

Octopus Steampunk Clock

Octopus Steampunk Clock

This gorgeous Octopus steampunk clock is available on Etsy and there are only two left. This clockwork cephalopod is cast in high-quality resin before being given a bronze finish and hand-painted. The bulbous octopus’ head has been implanted with a beautiful large brass clock face and textured with rivets and pipes. A pair of brass goggles cover two menacing eyes and small gears and screws cover his body and 8 Octopus arms.

Steampunk Wall Clock

Stunning Steampunk Inspired Cog Clock Wall Clock

steampunk clock

This gorgeous steampunk wall clock is ideal for Industrial loft conversion, garage or man cave. Made from metal with a quartz movement clock, the antique weathered look just screams steampunk.

Toscano Gears of Time Steampunk Wall Clock Sculpture

This steampunk clock is wall mountable and an Amazon favourite – it’s the top choice on Amazon in Steampunk clocks. It’s made from Polyresin and 43.25 cm in diameter. This clock was designed by Alberto Batan taking inspiration from astronomical pieces and an atomic countdown machine. Inspired by Da Vinci’s age and straight out of a steampunk fantasy, this wall clock will certainly be a conversation starter. It’s exclusive to the Design Toscano brand and would look fantastic in a steampunk kitchen.

steampunk clock amazons choice

OUKANING Large Vintage Gear Design Wall Clock

This is a fantastic 3D skeleton design wooden retro wall clock. It’s 45cm in diameter and would make an excellent lounge wall clock. It’s available in both silver and gold.

steampunk wall clock

‘Old Town Clocks’ Triple Clock with Industrial Pipework

Need a truly industrial feel? How about this triple ‘Old Town Clocks’ set with visible industrial piping?! These replicas have a distressed finish and are oozing steampunk vintage charm. The clock faces are replicas of circa 1863 clock faces. With 3 steampunk clocks you can display the time in different time zones – how about London, Bangkok and New York?!

triple industrial steampunk clocks

Steampunk Desk Clocks

Saytay Classic Retro Desk Clock

This steampunk vintage alarm clock features a glass lens and is easy to read with Roman Numerals. It’s available in two different surrounds – black and white. It’s also available in standard numbers rather than Roman Numerals too. It’s the perfect addition to your study desk or bedside table.

steampunk desk clock

The Vault at Alchemy Halloween Party The Stormgrave Chronometer Clock

My favourite of all is this Stormgrave chronometer clock. Made from resin and by The Vault at Alchemy Halloween Party.

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