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steampunk footwear

Steampunk Footwear

The term ‘steampunk’ originates from science fiction novels. It’s a subculture, a philosophy and a style. The movement is heavily tied up with fashion, taking heavy influence from futuristic technology and the cyberage as well as old fashioned Victorian era style. This hybridity blurs the boundaries of time and style and this is what the …

Steampunk Weapons

Steampunk Weapons

Steampunk weapons are bound to make any outfit more exciting. Your choice of weapon will essentially depend on your character. It is possible to buy steampunk weapons online, but it’s so much fun to make your own, so do consider some steampunk DIY. Steampunk Weapons available Online Cane Sword A cane sword is a perfect …

steampunk bars

Steampunk Bars

Looking for a cold beer in an industrial steampunk setting? Or maybe you want to go back in time to the Victorian era to enjoy your ale? Today I bring to you the best steampunk bars in the UK. So pick up your walking cane or lace up your corset, here goes…. 1. Clockwork Rose …

steampunk plague doctor mask

Steampunk Plague Doctor Masks

The Plague Doctor is a popular cosplay option which actually pre-dates the Victorian era and goes back to 17th Century Europe. Plague doctors covered themselves head to toe and wore a mask with a long bird-like beak. Plague masks were based on many misconceptions about the disease as they did not have the medical technology that we …

steampunk novels

My 10 Best Steampunk Novels

Today I’m here to give you a run down of my best steampunk novels including Journey to the Centre of the Earth, Boneshaker and 20,000 Leagues under the Sea! My 10 Best Steampunk Novels Journey to the Centre of the Earth ‘Journey to the Centre of the Earth’ or, initially, Voyage au Centre de la …

steampunk mask

Steampunk Masks

It seems very apt to be writing about steampunk masks during the pandemic! I shared a video on Facebook this week of a guy in the car park of an American supermarket. He was sporting full plague doctor costume with plague doctor mask! Whether you are looking for something to wear during the pandemic or …

steampunk festivals worlds fair

Steampunk Festivals

Follow my blog with Bloglovin The steampunk movement seems to be growing year on year! There are some fantastic steampunk festivals that take place annually where people can dress in their favourite steampunk clothing and show off their style. Some people simply go to admire the fashion and costumes of others. But let me tell …

steampunk dog

Steampunk Dog Gift Ideas

I first learned about ‘Steampunk Style’ fashion when I saw a great episode of ‘The Guild’. I was inspired to combine this with my other passion – dogs! The Steampunk dogs in this post feature great accessories – you will be sure to see the odd top hat and monacle! But for dogs, Steampunk is all …

Steampunk clothing
Clothing Steampunk

Steampunk Clothing

Fashion is a core part of the steampunk movement. Steampunk clothing is often inspired by the industrial revolution and combined with mock-Victorian fashion to create clothing that’s full of nods to the upper class (top hats, silk dresses, waistcoats) and then pokes fun at the whole system by adding a punky, working class twist (goggles, …

sherlock chair

Sherlock Chair

Be just like Sherlock Holmes with a classic Sherlock chair. It’s a steampunk home essential. This comfortable high backed chair is smart and refined, with a touch of class. Sherlock chairs come with and without studs, in leather and fabric. They also come in different dimensions. The classic Sherlock chair is also know as a …