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Looking for a cold beer in an industrial steampunk setting? Or maybe you want to go back in time to the Victorian era to enjoy your ale? Today I bring to you the best steampunk bars in the UK. So pick up your walking cane or lace up your corset, here goes….

1. Clockwork Rose – Bristol

In Bristol, you can find the Clockwork Rose – a steampunk-themed cocktail bar in the UK. The bar is themed around the fictional Captain Sebastian Commodore. The story is that Captain Commodore would visit the pub after leaving his airship and returning to England. The cocktails served at the bar are themed around the Captain’s adventures. These cocktails include Discombobulator, Flight to the Highlands and Picnic Society. The bar is open from 10 pm to midnight, Monday to Saturday.

2. Head of Steam, Birmingham

The dog-friendly bar, The Head of Steam, can be found in Somerset, Birmingham. The steampunk bar is open every day except Sunday. The Head of Steam is quite new having only opened in 2018 while the company itself has been established since 1995. Inside the bar, Steampunk fanatics can order drinks such as the Gamma Ray, Fantasma and the Garden of Eden. As well as drinks, customers can order food including stonebaked pizza and kebabs.

3. The Yellow House, Brighton

The Yellow House in Brighton was one of the first steampunk bars to open in the UK. The bar takes inspiration from prominent steampunk authors such as H. G. Wells, Jules Verne and Aubery Beardsley. The Yellow House also offers live entertainment in the form of a band dressed appropriately in 19th-century clothing. The bar is open 7 days and week and offers drinks like Airship ale as well as drinks without a theme such as Becks and Corona.

4. Suckerpunch Bar, St Albans

The rustic Suckerpunch Bar in St Albans is another steampunk-themed cocktail bar. It offers drinks such as the Skull Puncher, Floradora and, more widely known, Mojito. The Suckerpunch Bar also offers a takeaway service making it more accessible to the wider public and those who do not wish to sit in the bar but would like to try some of the drinks.

5. Clockworks, Liverpool

Clockworks in Liverpool is a classic British bar with a steampunk twist. Decorated with red brick, steel and iron, the bar has an industrial era feel to it while remaining a welcoming place at the same time. Also, the bar is open 7 days a week. In the evening times, the bar offers great food such as Shepherd’s pie and fish and chips and drinks including The Edison and Nemo’s Nautilus. Furthermore, if visiting Clockworks in the morning, you can order items from the breakfast menu such as porridge or a Full English Breakfast known as ‘The Butcher’.

6. Chains Bar, Didsbury, Manchester

From the same company in Birmingham, Head of Steam, steampunkers can also visit the chains bar in Didsbury, Manchester. Although part of the same company, this bar offers a different drinks menu including Heathen and Dark Arts Hazelnut. The bar is open from Wednesday to Sunday, closed on Monday and Tuesday. The company itself can be found on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

7. Metal Monacle, Leicester

For steampunk fans as well as fans of Rock and Roll, the Metal Monocle in Leicester is a must to visit. The music inside is a mixture of classic rock, punk, alternative metal and everything in between. They also offer live music to any visiting guests. It’s one of my favourite steampunk bars in England. The Metal Monocle also offers events including a Metallica tribute night as well as a Motorhead tribute.

8. Shilling Brewing Company, Glasgow

The Shilling Brewing Company in Glasgow is well known for having its own range of beers and welcoming and comfortable space to have a drink and relax. These beers include the likes of Unicorn IPA, Veetacore and Black Star Teleporter. There is also fresh pizza made and served in the bar and tasting events where guests can try the range of beer that the Shilling Brewing Company offers.

9. The Alchemist, Newcastle

Found in the Intu Elton Square shopping centre, The Alchemist in Newcastle is a popular choice of bar. The bar offers a fairly original event titled ‘Masterclass’ where guests can learn how the cocktails are made before going on to make their own – the perfect event for a group. The Alchemist also offers its own, original cocktails and drinks such as Not Toddy, the Caramelised Rum Punch and the stunning looking Bubble Bath. The Alchemist truly is one of a kind in what it has to offer.

10. Mr Fogg’s Residence, Mayfair, London

Finally, we have Mr Fogg’s Residence which can be found in Mayfair, London. This bar has a real steampunk feel having been decorated with Grandfather clocks and, in one corner, a hot air balloon themed around Phileas J. Fogg, the protagonist of the well-known novel, ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’. The bar offers experiences and events such as the ‘Tipsy Tea’ and ‘Mrs Fogg’s Pink Gin Cruise’. Here you can find drinks such as the Passepartout and The Drunken Parrot.

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