Octopus Necklace

Octopus Necklace

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If you’re looking for something that will add an extra something to your outfit, then an octopus necklace may be your solution for remaining Steampunk even in your day to day life.

You might be wondering what is so Steampunk about an octopus necklace? Well, think of it this way, the octopus is like the patronus of Steampunk. Its use within Steampunk is likely to originate from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea that was written in 1870. The novel features Captain Nemo and the Nautilus, his advanced submarine that has Steampunk written all over it. In the novel, Nautilus encounters and fights many giant octopuses. It is most likely then, that Steampunk’s obsession with the octopus originates from this classic tale. 

As well as the fictional inspiration for the octopus’s influence in Steampunk, there are some historical origins. The octopus was once used as a symbol of the industrial revolution and of the building of railroads. This is because the Southern Pacific Railroad was once called ‘The Octopus’ due to railroad companies being seen as monsters with railroads similar to tentacles and stealing land. 

So, a necklace is the perfect way to display your Steampunk mascot in a way that is stylish and bold. You can buy octopus necklaces from a range of places, but here are some of the best available on Amazon and Etsy:

Best Octopus Necklaces of Amazon

Amber Octopus Necklace

This is a really nice way of incorporating the octopus into normal, everyday jewellery. The amber head of this octopus necklace is unique and vintage looking with vintage silver tentacles hanging from it. A perfect way of incorporating Steampunk into your everyday look in a more subtle way, if that’s your thing.

Octopus Necklace

This necklace looks menacing and incredibly cool. It features a large vintage gold look octopus on a gold chain. It will look great while wearing a Steampunk outfit, or even just when you are wearing your casual clothes. 

Octopus tentacle necklace

This one is as unique as the come. Normally you expect the whole octopus with an octopus pendant, right? Well this one features a vintage silver look octopus tentacle. If you want to look different and bold, this necklace is perfect for either cosplaying or for everyday wear. 

octopus necklace amazon

This brass effect necklace has the octopus entwined in the necklace by being connected to the chain by its tentacles that grip it. This necklace is another great choice for wearing with your everyday clothing, but it will also look great for your next Steampunk convention.

This one looks like a Victorian styled portrait of an octopus. The octopus sits in the centre of an old portrait frame and is brass coloured. The brass coloured chain will hold this necklace perfectly in place in order to give your outfit that extra something.

Best Octopus Necklaces on Etsy

This Kracken necklace is also unique in its style, it features two tentacles wrapped together to form a love heart on a vintage silver effect necklace. One of the tentacles also features black crystals that really provide a more intricate look. It is perfect for gifting to somebody you love, or for wearing on your own in order to show off your love for Steampunk.

Kracken Necklace Etsy

A bronze pocket watch necklace that features a vintage look octopus on the front. It also features a key and seahorse pendant. The pocket watch design is perfect for the Steampunk genre and the octopus makes it even more so. If you’re looking for a Steampunk necklace, this is bound to live up to your standards. They are currently sold out, but you can approach the seller for a custom order.

Octopus Necklace Etsy

This design is much more sweet and subtle, although it is very effective. It has an octopus on top of a sphere that contains water and sand. The necklace and pendant are made from sterling silver and have a very effective and unique design.

Octopus necklace

This design has a vintage silver look octopus hanging on a silver necklace. It is relatively simple, but it looks great and will go perfectly with almost anything.

steampunk octopus necklace

This Steampunk Necklace in vintage silver has an Octopus positioned on top of a watch movement pendant. This fabulous Neo-Victorian Steampunk jewellery is a Gift by Steampunk Nation.

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