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Steampunk guns are an essential steampunk accessory! Whether you are cosplaying a genuine steampunk character or you are ‘steampunkifying’ Disney or Batman, you’re sure to need one of these!

There are some amazing steampunk guns that you can buy on Etsy, but before you go splashing your cash, I’d encouraged you to DIY your own steampunk gun. It’s great to make one out of egg boxes and toilet rolls – you would be surprised with what you can come up with around the home. You can also find stacks of gears and accessories online to jazz it up with. Many people also buy cheap spray paint in silver, gold and brass for converting nerf guns!

Forum Novelties Steampunk Revolver

This Forum Novelties steampunk revolver is the best value online for less than £5/$10.

steampunk guns

Steampunk Barrel Pistol

This Steampunk Polyresin Collectible Decorative 6 Barrel Pistol would make a great prop. It’s Silver, Gold and Bronze and measures 7.5″.

steampunk pistol

Veronese Design 6 Barrel Decorative Steampunk Pistol

Cast in resin, this steampunk pistol in gunmetal grey and metallic black will make an excellent prop if you have a slightly higher budget. It has an embellished wood grain grip and is 8.75″ long.

Steampunk Funnel Trigger Gun

This quirky steampunk trigger is great for a sexy time traveller needing that bit of extra protection! It’s made from plastic and excellent value for money.

Steampunk NERF Guns

If you don’t have the time to make your own steampunk Nerf gun you can buy customised ready made ones on Ebay. Here’s one of my favourites – the NEMO Prop Blaster handgun.

Super Space Blaster Gun

Looking for something more retro-futuristic? How about this Super space blaster gun for zapping aliens?!

super space blaster gun

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