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Steampunk accessories are often the identifiable feature of any Steampunk look, from essentials such as goggles or top hats, to pocket watches or boots. These items help to complete the Steampunk aesthetic. Without them, it is doubtful that your outfit will be considered as Steampunk fashion. The unique accessories within Steampunk fashion are arguably the most important part of any outfit, it’s what makes it ‘Steampunk’.

Essential Steampunk Accessories

Some items are essential for any Steampunk outfit, they are in many ways the identifiers of the Steampunk aesthetic.

Utility Belt

A utility belt is a commonly used accessory within Steampunk fashion. It adds an extra something to your outfit and also gives you a place, or multiple, to store your other accessories.

steampunk accessories utility belt

Steampunk Boots

Another frequently seen accessory in the Steampunk world are boots. Boots are such a versatile accessory that come in many different styles. Whether it be military boots, cowboy boots, or Victorian boots. They look great with all outfits, even with dresses.

steampunk boots

Steampunk Hats

Hats are a very common and stylish accessory within the Steampunk community. There are many different styles of steampunk hats, your choice of course depends on your outfit. If you are dressed in military garments, then a crush cap may be what you are looking for. Or if you are dressed as an explorer, then a safari helmet will be your preferred choice.

steampunk hat

Hats are an important addition to your outfit; they truly add to your character and make your outfit seem more believable. The many different options of hats add to their importance due to the fact that whatever character you are portraying can be intensified by the addition of a hat.

steampunk hat

Steampunk Goggles

Goggles are arguably the most important cog within Steampunk fashion. They are the main identifiable feature of the Steampunk aesthetic. They complete an outfit, whether it be an air pirate, or a pilot, steampunk goggles are an essential accessory.

steampunk goggles

Steampunk Glasses

Similar to goggles, steampunk glasses can be an important addition to your outfit. Particularly when the sun is out. Steampunk glasses are perfect for when it is a nice day and your goggles don’t offer UV protection, but they are also a stylish and casual addition to any outfit. 

Steampunk glasses

Popular Steampunk Accessories for Women

There are some essential accessories for the women in the world of Steampunk. As mentioned before, the accessories make the outfit. Here are some accessories that are typically seen on Steampunk women although they will look great on all genders.

steampunk boots

Victorian Boots

Victorian style boots are popular among women, the many different styles make them appealing to all different Steampunk styles. For example, some come with a small and thin raised heel, whereas others are chunkier. The length of the boot also varies, this can be particularly appealing to your various Steampunk styles. Victorian boots will look great with a dress or skirt.

Victorian womens boots

Steampunk Jewellery

Steampunk jewellery has many different options that you can choose, from fancy necklaces with elegant mechanisms, to rings with intricate detail and large gemstones, there is no doubt that there will be jewellery that fits your outfit. Jewellery is your chance to set you apart from the rest of the Steampunk community, it is what can add a little colour and add more character to your look.

Steampunk Jewellery

Victorian Chokers

Chokers are a common addition to gothic Steampunk fashion. They come in multiple styles, from the simple to the more intricately detailed. Either way, they are a simple way to make your outfit look even more Victorian in the Steampunk style. Chokers are another versatile accessory that suit all outfits and really bring out the ‘do not mess with me’ side of Steampunk fashion.

Victorian Gloves

The addition of Victorian gloves to your outfit adds a certain amount of elegance, while also just looking really freaking cool. Gloves are a nice touch to make an otherwise pretty outfit look badass. 

Victorian gloves

Popular Steampunk Accessories for Men

There are many accessories that are traditionally worn by men, but they will look badass on all genders. 

mens steampunk clothing


Monocles or ‘monoggles’ are a perfect way to add more character to your outfit. They are frequently worn with villainous characters, although they are at times worn with heroic ones. Steampunk monocles are not always what you expect a monocle to look like, they are often tampered with in order to represent the Steampunk aesthetic even further. The addition of cogs and lenses are an inventive and fitting way to make your outfit undoubtedly Steampunk.

steampunk monocle

Pocket Watches

The many different styles of pocket watch are also a popular addition to your outfit. Pocket watches, like the monocles, are often tampered with in ways that show the complex pieces of machinery. The pocket watch is an excellent addition to outfits that need some elegance and are also a fitting addition to characters such as explorers. You might like to read this article on how to wear a pocket watch.

steampunk pocket watch


As mentioned in the unisex section, belts are commonly used in order to add something extra to an outfit. However, you can take a belt even further by adding a Steampunk belt buckle. You can buy buckles that fit the Steampunk aesthetic, they feature all sorts of designs such as the symbolic machinery cogs, or even Victorian portrait silhouettes surrounded by elegant designs. The little details can really add to your outfit.

steampunk belt

Walking Canes

Canes were a popular accessory among higher class men in the Victorian era, and they make a great addition to Steampunk fashion. As like all other Steampunk accessories, there are many different styles that will suit many styles. Canes are the perfect way to assert your characters power and elegance and the many different styles help to portray your chosen message. A plain and simple cane can portray elegance, whereas something such as a dragon or some other kind of monster will convey your power.

steampunk cane

Steampunk Weapons

Steampunk weapons are bound to make any outfit more exciting. Your choice of weapon will essentially depend on your character. Swords, truncheons and steampunk guns finish off steampunk cosplay outfits perfectly. You can DIY your own steampunk gun by making it from things you find around the house or spray painting a NERF gun!

steampunk gun

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