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When creating your own steampunk costume or outfit, it’s important to include a couple of accessories. Accessories really do complete your outfit and give it that finished look. One accessory you may be interested in, and one that is very popular, is a Steampunk watch or Steampunk pocket watch. Accessories like this are perfect for Steampunk themed convention.

There are many of these held all around the world with one particular event, the Asylum Steampunk Festival, being held in Lincoln, United Kingdom. It is both the largest and longest running Steampunk convention in the world and is held every year attracting many visitors. Events like this are perfect examples of when you should get yourself your own watch or pocket watch to go along with a Steampunk outfit.

The main feature that is different between your average watch and a Steampunk watch is the look of the clock face. Steampunk watches have a skeleton design which means they have an open clock face allowing you to see all the gears, cogs and inner workings that allow the watch to function. So, even if you don’t plan to create a full Steampunk outfit, a Steampunk watch is still a cool and functional accessory to own and wear.

What is the Best Steampunk Watch?

Without any further ado, what are some of the best Steampunk watches?

Skeleton Fashion Steampunk Watch

First, we have the Skeleton Classic Fashion Steampunk Watch which is made by Sewor. This watch is made up of stainless steel giving it a great finished look and it can be purchased on Amazon for just under £25. This particular watch is in analog time and has a golden dial and band which is protected by mineral glass. Due to the watches skeleton design, the golden gears and golden Roman numerals really complement each other giving this Steampunk watch a great look and a perfect accessory for your own Steampunk outfit.

Steampunk Automatic Luminous Watch

Next, there is the Steampunk Automatic Luminous Watch which is manufactured by ManChDa. This watch, which has an analog clock face, can be purchased on Amazon for just under £35. The watch can be purchased in black, gold or black and gold. This particular watch is advertised as waterproof meaning it can withstand the likes of sweat and rain however it is not suggested you put the watch into large bodies of water such as a bath or swimming pool.

Railroad Pattern Mechanical Pocket Watch

Also, with a slight difference, you may be interested in the Railroad Pattern Mechanical Pocket Watch. This pocket watch, which can be purchased on Amazon for just under £30, is operated by a mechanical hand wind and has a metallic band. The dial of the pocket watch is brown in colour and it’s design makes it seem as though it is made of wood. Also, the numbers of this pocket watch are Roman numerals.

Classic Skeleton Steampunk Dress Watch

In addition, there is the Classic Skeleton Steampunk Dress Watch which is manufactured by Sewor. Similar to the pocket watch previously mentioned, this watch has a mechanical hand wind and is also made with stainless steel with a dial and band that are both gold in colour. This watch is analog and has Roman numerals. This watch can be purchased on Amazon for just under £25.

ManChDa Pocket Watch

Next, a great looking pocket watch which is also made by ManChDa. The Lucky Dragon and Phoenix Vintage Steampunk Pocket Watch has an excellent design making it a great option for your Steampunk outfit. The analog pocket watch, made of alloy steel, is available in both black or bronze from Amazon. The black version will cost you just under £25 while the bronze is just under £27. Also, the watch uses a mechanical hand wind meaning batteries are not required.

Steampunk Skeleton Wrist Watch

If wrist watches are more your style you may be interested in the Steampunk Skeleton Wrist Watch which is manufactured by Boshiya. This watch looks great and comes with a black, leather strap. Also, the skeletal features of the watch, (gears, cogs, etc.), are gold in colour as are the Roman numerals on the watches face.

Retro Steampunk Pocket Watch

Next, a pocket watch for just over £17 on Amazon, the Retro Steampunk Skeleton Pocket Watch. This pocket watch, made by Niciero, has a case made up of alloy steel and the dial is bronze in colour. The pocket watches display is analog and uses Roman numerals. Like many of the others, this pocket watch uses a mechanical hand wind.

Vintage Bracelet Watch

Furthermore, a fantastic choice of wrist watch is the Vintage Bracelet Watch which is manufactured by JewerlyWe. This watch has a more simplistic, yet effective, design combining both Roman numerals. This particular watch has a brown, leather strap as well as a dial which is a slight green colour. The dial itself is made up of acrylic while the casing is made up of alloy. This watch can be purchased on Amazon for a little bit under £10.

Retro Half Hunter Pocket Watch

Finally, there is the Retro Half Hunter Pocket Watch which is available on Amazon for just under £18. This pocket watch has a dial which is white in colour while the band colour is black. The pocket watch also has a silver chain which is a length of 14 inches. The pocket watch’s face is analog and uses Roman numerals.

In conclusion, there are so many options for you to choose. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you prefer wrist watches or pocket watches as both are available in various versions. A watch of some kind is sure to complete your Steampunk outfit or cosplay!

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