• Steampunk Dice

    Steampunk Dice

    Dice are an essential part of many board games as well as other games. However, aside from board games, there are also dice of various themes that may be collected by people. A particular version of themed dice would be steampunk dice. To put it very simply, steampunk themed dice would be any die or dice that, in some way, represent the steampunk genre. This can be anything from gears and locomotives to simple colouring such as greys and golds. Steampunk dice may be of greater interest to anyone who enjoys playing steampunk board games such as ‘Forbidden Island’ by Matt Leacock and ‘Gormenghast: The Board Game’, created by Philip…

  • Steampunk Puzzles

    Steampunk Puzzles

    Christmas is approaching and steampunk puzzles make fantastic gifts. Here are some of our favourites that you can buy online… Steampunk wooden clock puzzle (3D Amazon’s choice) The Steampunk Clock 3D Wooden Puzzle from UGears is an ideal gift. It is a detailed figure a small, wooden clock. The clock itself has a mechanism that allows for its gears and clock hands to move. The plywood used is durable as well as eco-friendly and are laser cut making it safer when handled by young children. The clock isn’t too difficult to assemble and is expected to be complete in around an hour even by an inexperienced puzzle completer. When fully…

  • Steampunk Playing Cards

    Steampunk Playing Cards

    Over the past few months, we’ve all rediscovered old hobbies and learnt new games. 2020 has been difficult, but for many people lockdown was an opportunity to spend time with the people you live with and bond. Now, as we’re all trying to spend more time inside and not mix too much, buying a pack of cards is a good way to have a bit of fun, cheer up and do something new. If you’re into something high stakes, grab the poker chips and play for loo roll (far more valuable than money, now) or you can do something simple like snap or switch to Victorian and learn cribbage. If…

  • Spyrium Board Game Review
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    Spyrium Board Game Review

    Designed by William Attia, ‘Spyrium’ offers a brilliant steampunk filled board game from the very beginning. Players are transported to an alternate steampunk-themed England. A new material, Spyrium, has been discovered and players must build factories and gather workers in order to gather and harvest the precious resource. Introducing Spyrium By producing Spyrium in one factory and processing it in another, players will earn Victory Points. Also, Spyrium can be bought but the precious material is rare and expensive and players’ income isn’t always readily available. How to Win Spyrium Only players who, from the very beginning of the game, have been able to raise their income and or base…

  • Bioshock Infinite Board Game Review

    Bioshock Infinite Board Game Review

    The famous BioShock video game series has been made into an amazing, steampunk-themed board game called as ‘BioShock Infinite’. 2 to 4 players are transported to the same world as the 2013 game where the two factions of Comstock and Vox Populi are battling it out to take control the sought after, floating city, Columbia. Columbia becomes very important for players as they use that to be transported to other districts through use of the Sky-Line. Players who successfully roll the dice are able to pass through and arrive safely whereas, those less lucky, will fall to the ground. This spontaneous factor of the game means players must be ready…

  • Mission Red Planet

    Mission Red Planet

    Mission Red Planet, a steampunk style board game, was designed by Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti. Between 2 to 6 players are transported to a Victorian-era Earth where the population and technology are growing and advancing. Resources on Earth are rapidly decreasing. Introducing Mission Red Planet Thankfully, robots have been sent to Mars and found Celerium, a very powerful fuel source as well as ice which can be used to terraform the planet and make it inhabitable You are the head of a mining corporation and these well sought after resources could make you very rich. With you, you have astronauts as well as 9 professionals These professionals each have…

  • Forbidden Island Review
    Games,  Steampunk

    Forbidden Island Review

    If you’re looking for a steampunk-themed, cooperative board game then ‘Forbidden Island’ is a perfect choice. I hope that you enjoy this Forbidden Island review. Introducing Forbidden Island As the title suggests, players are transported to the Forbidden Island, a mysterious island filled with lots of treasure. However, the island isn’t stable and, throughout the game, parts of it begin to sink. The board game was designed by Matt Leacock and then published by Gamewright. The game is played by 2 to 4 players and these players can choose one of 6 adventurer characters to play as. Each adventurer has their own specific set of skills which can be used…

  • planet steam board game

    Planet Steam Board Game Review

    ‘Planet Steam’ was designed by Heinz-Georg Thiemann and published by LudoArt Verlag. Players are transported to the year 2415 when the futuristic organisation, the Interplanetary Federation (IPF) has done a brillaint job on earth for the past few centuries. Now, they are attempting to conquer a planet known as ‘Steam’. We hope that you enjoy this Planet Steam board game review. The planet’s core contains many valuable resources and, after over 100 years, the 42 shafts have been completed from the surface to the core. Each shaft expels hot steam which is the basis for creating the raw and precious materials. In order to harvest the steam, shafts must be…

  • steampunk video games

    Steampunk Video Games

    Today we are here to talk about the best video games out there. Gadgetery, clockwork, gothic clothing and the Victorian and Medieval eras focus heavily in video games that we class as steampunk. From armour and weaponary to setting and game play, these 10 amazing steampunk videos have totally nailed it. BioShock Infinite BioShock Infinite is one of the best steampunk video games you can play in 2020. The game is set in 1912 and the main character is the Booker DeWitt who is sent to Columbia to rescue the young woman, Elizabeth, who has been in prison since her childhood. Now you will have to free the Elizabeth but…

  • steampunk escape room

    My Quest for the Best Steampunk Escape Room

    During my time traveling around Europe and the US I have been searching for the best steampunk escape room. Many of the best ones are in the UK, but other steampunk escape room hot spots include Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands. Here are my top 10… Steampunk Express – Leamington Spa, UK https://escaperoomadventures.co.uk/escape-rooms/ The ‘Steampunk Express’ escape room can be found at Leamington Spa in the UK. The time period in which this game is set is 1892 and players are transported to a steampunk version of the Western parts of the USA. Players are the bandits who are working together to rob the steampunk express. However, it’s a…