Mission Red Planet

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Mission Red Planet, a steampunk style board game, was designed by Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti. Between 2 to 6 players are transported to a Victorian-era Earth where the population and technology are growing and advancing. Resources on Earth are rapidly decreasing.

Introducing Mission Red Planet

Thankfully, robots have been sent to Mars and found Celerium, a very powerful fuel source as well as ice which can be used to terraform the planet and make it inhabitable You are the head of a mining corporation and these well sought after resources could make you very rich.

With you, you have astronauts as well as 9 professionals These professionals each have a unique skill set which will further enhance your chances of getting these precious materials. When purchasing this board game you’re sure to have easy-to-learn as well as very interactive gameplay. It also features a variant of the game for 2 players. This game can be bought an Amazon for just under £40.

Mission Red Planet

Mission Red Planet – How the Game Works

The game has 10 rounds. At the beginning of each round, each player secretly chooses one of their character cards, This secret card decides when their astronauts are placed on the spaceships to Mars as well as which special skill they will have for that round. Each spaceship has a specific destination. The resources that will be gathered from this destination is unknown until an astronaut arrives in the region. Each player collects resources at 3 different points throughout the game and these resources are worth points. In addition, players may also have secret mission cards which, at the end of the game, can increase their point total. Throughout the game, players may get an additional mission or research card which can change the value of the resources found on the planet.

Advantages of the Game

Advantages of this game include the creative and imaginative aspect of it. For example, the player is able to use a unique skill depending on which character card they get such as the Explorer allowing your astronauts more movement and the Travel Agent allowing the player to have up to 3 astronauts in one rocket. As well as this, the secretive aspect allows you to have an unexpected play style as well as other players to become detectives and try and guess which character card you have. All in all, this is a great game which, almost like Monopoly, could go either way. Just becomes someone is in the lead, doesn’t mean they will end up winning. That excitement and sense of the unknown most certainly adds a special element to Mission Red Planet.