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Corsets are a crucial part of steampunk culture and are endlessly popular. Different people enjoy corsets with varying shapes and sizes as they compliment their individual figures. One such style is the underbust corset, which goes from under the breasts (where the cups start on a typical bra) to the top of the hips. This means it’s less constricting and easier to wear, and usually cheaper. The underbust corset is very popular as a first corset, but others with more corset experience like them too. 

Camellias Womens Faux Leather Steampunk Gothic Steel Boned Underbust Waist Training Corset,UK-SZ1866-Black-S
Camellias Womens Faux Leather Steampunk Gothic Steel Boned Underbust Waist Training Corset,UK-SZ1866-Black-S
Camellias Womens Faux Leather Steampunk Gothic Steel Boned Underbust Waist Training Corset,UK-SZ1866-Black-S
Camellias Womens Faux Leather Steampunk Gothic Steel Boned Underbust Waist Training Corset,UK-SZ1866-Black-S

Let’s take a look at some examples of good steampunk underbust corsets. 

1) Charmian Women’s Steampunk Brocade Underbust Corset

This Charmian women’s steamupunk underbust corset is particularly elaborate. Some underbust corsets are much simpler, but this takes all of the steampunk accessories and layers them on top of each other, which means that you can wear it with plain clothes and still have an overall steampunk feel to the outfit. There are lots of zips which are fairly uncommon in steampunk clothing, due to the time of their invention, but the colouring and metallic fringe actually adds to the overall appeal and makes a convincing argument for them to be included more often. The underbust corset allows much more flexibility in the top part of the outfit across the shoulders and chest: it would be easy to fit a robotic arm attachment or other mechanical detail in without any issue. 

steampunk underbust corset

2) SHAPEX Steampunk Underbust Corset

This underbust corset does something pretty unusual: it covers your shoulders! The bust is left exposed, but the straps that come over the sides are very rare and give this corset its unique look. If steampunk ever sticks to gender roles, you might expect to see women in corsets and men in waistcoats, but this manages to straddle both and incorporate the best elements of them as it does so. We also love the little pocket on the left- perfect for your pocket watch!

underbust corsets

3) Bslingerie Gothic Leather Underbust Corset

The small but mighty corset! Most of the underbust corsets aren’t especially big and really only cover the waist (the exception is no. 2) but this Bslingerie Gothic Leather underbust corset takes the space it’s given and runs with it. The are three different adjustable lace-up areas which both decorate the corset and allow the wearer to adjust it as required, it’s got layers of chains and ornate clips. These make the corset busy but not overwhelming, and it can be dressed up or down accordingly.

Gothic leather underbust corset

4) Women’s Gothic Steel Boned Steampunk Underbust Corset

To ignore the roots of steampunk couture is, in our eyes, a great disservice. There are endless overlaps and callbacks to kink and goth fashion and culture, and this gothic leather underbust corset really brings these to the forefront. This corset is deceptively simple: you can really do whatever you want with it. The sash might make the wearer favour a pirate look; the leather could either be made sexual or rustic and blacksmith-y and the reliable side pocket is perfect for the ever-present pocket watch. You can look at this and see a corset, but we think it’s best to look and see possibilities for endless creativity. 

Camellias Womens Faux Leather Steampunk Gothic Steel Boned Underbust Waist Training Corset,UK-SZ1866-Black-S
  • Comfortable Material Corset : High-quality faux leather, high strength and good elastic recovery ability, not easy to deform.
  • 12pcs durable high elastic soft spiral steel boned vintage steampunk corset with 2 flat steel bones. Full spiral steel boning along with strong steel busk fastening to give the best shape and support, creating a slimming hourglass figure.
  • Solid black faux leather corset, exquisite PU pocket in one side. Please choose your corset according to your waistline. Our corsets will fit any body shape provided your bust measurement is 4-14 inches greater than your waist measurement.
  • Front design: hook and eye closure busk, back design: adjustable lace-up, come with wide modesty panel, protect your skin from lacing up, matches with g-string.
  • This is a vintage and fashionable corset, Excellent for pirate outfit, Halloween party, Renaissance Festival, steampunk cosplay, lingerie, costume or as a casual wearing, make you slim and beautiful.

5) Blidece Underbust Steampunk corset

This corset is simple and easily steampunk. The colours are a little lighter than one might expect from steampunk attire, which will give the overall look a more airy and friendly vibe. This corset mixes satin and fake leather for a fun combination for anyone who doesn’t want to commit to either a fully leather or fully satin outfit, and would make an excellent base for many different steampunk costumes. The fastening and buckles give fun details and keep the bodice interesting without overwhelming the design. 

steampunk underbust corset

6) Charmian Steampunk Leather Jacquard

This Charmian steampunk leather Jacquard really plays with the definition and limits of the garment. The ‘bones’ of the corset stay exactly where they’re supposed to- this won’t touch the wearer’s breasts at all- but then covers the shoulders and neck with a shrug that is clearly integrated. Continuing with the genre-bending, this corset contains both modern features like zips with the more traditional straps, buckles and clasps more typically found on underbust corsets. This gives an overall impression to the wearer of a cohesive outfit instead of simply the beginning of one. 

Charmian steampunk leather Jacquard

7) TOPMELON Vintage Steampunk Bustier

Our final look is great for anyone who likes the theory but not the execution of our second look: it covers the shoulders, but does so in a unique way. That’s not the only talking point for this Topmelon vintage steampunk underbust corset, as it is also covered in a neat row of buckles for a pirate or blacksmith feel. There are also some great details that aren’t instantly obvious but draw the eye for a closer look.

Top Melon steampunk Underbust Corsets

So, there we have them! We love this collection and of course steampunk underbust corsets in general. If you’d like to check out some other options why not try looking at some more steampunk corsets. Good luck, and happy punking!

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