Spyrium Board Game Review

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Designed by William Attia, ‘Spyrium’ offers a brilliant steampunk filled board game from the very beginning. Players are transported to an alternate steampunk-themed England. A new material, Spyrium, has been discovered and players must build factories and gather workers in order to gather and harvest the precious resource.

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Introducing Spyrium

By producing Spyrium in one factory and processing it in another, players will earn Victory Points. Also, Spyrium can be bought but the precious material is rare and expensive and players’ income isn’t always readily available.

How to Win Spyrium

Only players who, from the very beginning of the game, have been able to raise their income and or base of workers will be able to to get more buildings at the end of the game which will lead to more Victory Points. Each player is able to decide at which point in the game they wish to move from the placement phase to the activation phase. Only the player who has best dealt with the lack of money, workers and Spyrium is crowned the winner.

Buy Spyrium on Amazon

The game can be purchased on Amazon for just over £68. With your purchase and in the box, you will receive 35 workers, 20 discs, 50 Spyrium crystals, 24 numbered tokens, 36 coins, 10 bonus tokens, 72 cards, a game board and a set of rules.

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Planet Steam

If you like the sound of this game and would like to try out some more steampunk-themed board games, perhaps ‘Planet Steam’ would be an option. ‘Planet Steam’ was designed by Heinz-Georg Thiemann and published by LudoArt Verlag. Players are transported to the year 2415 when the futuristic organisation, the Interplanetary Federation (IPF) has done a brilliant job on earth for the past few centuries.

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Now, they are attempting to conquer a planet known as ‘Steam’. The planet’s core contains many valuable resources and, after over 100 years, the 42 shafts have been completed from the surface to the core. Each shaft expels hot steam which is the basis for creating the raw and precious materials. In order to harvest the steam, shafts must be placed over them which can later be used to connect the water purification tanks. These tanks are used to extract energy, ore and quartz from the steam. These resources help you, the player, to build your steam empire. You can export your resources or buy and sell to increase your profits.

Mission Red Planet

Or maybe you’d like to try ‘Mission Red Planet’ designed by Bruno Cathala and Bruno Faidutti. Between 2 to 6 players are transported to a Victorian-era Earth where the population and technology are growing and advancing. Resources on Earth are rapidly decreasing. Thankfully, robots have been sent to Mars and found Celerium, a very powerful fuel source as well as ice which can be used to terraform the planet and make it inhabitable.

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You are the head of a mining corporation and these well sought after resources could make you very rich. With you, you have astronauts as well as 9 professionals These professionals each have a unique skill set which will further enhance your chances of getting these precious materials. When purchasing this board game you’re sure to have easy-to-learn as well as very interactive gameplay. It also features a variant of the game for 2 players. This game can be bought on Amazon for just under £40.

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