• Cyberpunk Boots
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    Cyberpunk Boots

    Cyberpunk seems to be taking over the world more and more with every passing day. Whether in popular video games, movies, or anime designs, more people than ever are becoming familiar with cyberpunk design and aesthetic trends and what that means for cyberpunk fashion. Originating as a subgenre of cyberfiction, cyberpunk is popular today as a literary and artistic movement that depicts a fusion between fashion and science fiction or fantasy trends. Today, cyberpunk is an exciting and fresh expression of scaled down design and technological innovation. Cyberpunk clothing often incorporates all of the many elements of cyberdesign and technological elements into its design, including fantasy, technology, and sometimes even…

  • Steampunk vs Cyberpunk
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    Steampunk vs Cyberpunk

    We love subcultures, and different genres of punk are a hotbed for creativity, expression and weirdness. Steampunk and cyberpunk might not have much to do with punk as a political movement, but they’re close to each other and complement wonderfully. Having said that, there are some significant differences between their origins, styles and ideas. Here, we’re going to break down what makes both of them great, and what makes them different. What is Steampunk? Firstly, let’s look at steampunk. Steampunk is art, fashion, film and literature (see my top 10 steampunk novels) that combines both Victorian and industrialist ideas from the past with post-apocalyptic thoughts from the 20th century. Instead…