If you’re looking for some new gothic clothing brands, then you’re in the right place. This article will look at some of the best gothic clothing brands in the UK and the USA, and give you a description so that you can find the best one for you.

Kate’s Clothing

Kate’s Clothing is a UK brand who have much more than just clothing. They also offer homeware, accessories, hair dye, and footwear. They even have a reward scheme where you earn points after every purchase, you can then use these points for buying Kate’s Clothing gift vouchers. They stock the freshest alternative clothing from a variety of brands at a fair price and promise that their delivery is quick. 

Attitude Clothing

Attitude Clothing have been around for a long time, being the main runner in the alternative scene for around twenty years. They offer a variety of products, including clothing, accessories, footwear, hair dye, jewellery, and homeware. All of which contain an alternative edge. They stock some of the biggest gothic brands, and don’t only cater for goths who wear black, they also cater for subcultures such as pastel goths. As well as stocking well known brands, Attitude Clothing also introduces customers to some of the newest alternative brands. 

Angel Clothing

Angel Clothing sells a range of alternative products, including gothic and Steampunk. They stock some of the best brands amongst the alternative clothing community and have around 8000 items on their website, from homeware to clothing. 


TRIPP nyc were founded in the 1980s’ by the designer Daang Goodman. TRIPP also caters for a range of genres, from metal to rap music, taking inspiration from music to design their clothing. It was considered one of the best gothic clothing stores in 2021 and claims to have created ‘dark street’ sub genre. 

Void Clothing

Void Clothing are a UK based store who stock all things alternative, including clothing, accessories, jewellery, make up, and even band merch. They started in 1982 as a market stall selling only their own brand of clothing, eventually growing to sell their own brand, and some of the best alternative clothing from other brands. They offer size inclusive clothing at a great price with great variety. 

Fox Blood

Fox Blood is a US based store that was created in 2017 by the former red carpet stylist, Lindsay Hearts. They are a gothic clothing boutique in downtown Los Angeles who specialise in cruelty free and vegan products that are high quality and inclusively sized. They create and design their own clothing, as well as getting stock from some other gothic clothing brands. They are also 100% female owned business, and definitely deserve a look around. 

Banned Alternative

Banned Alternative are a UK based brand who offer cheap alternative clothing, accessories, and more. They were founded in 1990 in Camden Lock, a place frequented by fans of the gothic style. There is something for everyone at Banned Alternative.

Disturbia Clothing

Disturbia Clothing have been around since 2003 and offer a range of fashion from subcultures in the UK. They sell gothic clothing from other brands and focus on those who don’t want to dress like everybody else. 

Black Mast

Black Mast are another US brand who offer some of the cheapest gothic pieces, some designed by themselves, and others hand selected by them from other brands. They are an inclusive brand, catering also for the LGBTQ+ community. Created in 2013, this brand has a range of incredible pieces that are bound to catch your eye. 


Jawbreaker are another UK based store from Camden who stock some of the best alternative and gothic clothing around and bring them to you. 


Demonia is a US brand who focus on gothic footwear. They have a range of styles, from boots to creepers, and they even offer free worldwide shipping. They have high quality shoes for a mid-range price tag in a range of styles that are definitely worth a look. 

Spiral Direct

Spiral Direct is a UK based store who specialise in metal clothing that fits into the gothic culture. They design their own clothing and have done since they were founded in the 90s’. 


Killstar are a UK based brand who focus on the occult side of the gothic genre, selling clothing, accessories, and footwear. They claim to be the original occult store who also provide their designs to many other gothic stores. 

Lip Service

Lip Service are a clothing and accessories store who are based in the US and have a primarily punk focus that often finds its way into the gothic genre. It was founded in 1985 and they have a range of styles to look through. 

Rogue + Wolf

Rogue + Wolf are a US based brand who specialise in ‘witchy’ clothing and accessories, although a lot of the designs are perfect for those who love gothic clothing and the occult. They stock clothing as well as accessories and jewellery. So if you’re looking for occult based gothic clothing, this is definitely the store for you. 

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