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Congratulations on your engagement! There’s so much to do, so much to plan, and so much to be excited about. Firstly, you’ll need to find a date and send out invites! There’s something wonderful about wedding invites: in a world where most of our communication and arrangements are done electronically, something as archaic and tangible as a letter feels really special. Some people even like to save their invites as a reminder of the wedding, and the right one can be absolutely gorgeous. Wedding invites are also a great way to gauge how fancy the wedding will be, and if there’s a theme or colours they can be introduced here. Steampunk weddings are often a lot of fun, highly original and a great way to celebrate the couple’s interests with their loved ones. So, take a look through our options and see what you’d like to send out! Our first option includes the kind of soft, dusty colours associated with fairies. They’re gorgeous, delicate and yet- through the flowers and feathers, there are still the cogs and clocks that are so ubiquitous with steampunk. There are also options for save the date cards and replies so you actually know who’s coming and when the wedding is! The next choice is perfect for the couple who loves science, science fiction and a little bit of gore. There’s definitely something gothic about including an anatomically correct heart on your wedding invites, and it feels like a real Mary Shelley move. You can label the invite with all the details you need, and remind the attendees that they’re going to something with love – and a bit of an edge. As before, matching save the date cards and replies are available.  There is something fundamentally steampunk-y about maps, old scrolls and delicate borders. It’s less associated with steampunk than goggles, but there’s still something that clicks when you look at these invites. They look like they could have easily been found in an abandoned desk and assembled as a series of clues that reveal a dark secret, or just, you know, your wedding! You can also find matching menus, maps and RSVP cards for a complete look. If you’re into clocks, clockwork, and are fascinated by the mechanical aspect of steampunk, these invites will be perfect for you. They’ve still got the beautiful cursive writing found in more traditional invites – and steampunk writing generally – but there’s also a nod to campy, 1980s sci-fi and possibly even Doctor Who. It shouldn’t work, but it really does – right down to the ribbon and cog to hold everything together. You can get day invitations and RSVP cards as standard, and there are also info cards, menu cards, gift money poems and double sided prints available, too! This card is very similar in theory to the one before: it mixes modern fonts with older scripts, and it couldn’t claim to be either entirely Victorian themed or fully 21st C. However, the overall effect is quite different. The colours are lovely and co-ordinate with each other well and there’s some of the bronzes that work their way into a lot of steampunk attire. You can edit these yourself to include all of the details you want. This means that there are options to include other pieces of information, and you decide what that should be. The best place to buy goggles, perhaps? There are two things we need to talk about with these invites: the inside and the outside. The outside is a beautiful, laser cut design full of Victorian and steampunk inspired items: penny farthing and a cog, anyone? It allows the invitee to peer inside as though they were standing outside a castle through some intricate – and deadly – steel gates. When they’re allowed to enter, they can see the inside. The calligraphy is gorgeous and the borders can match the curls and swirls for an overall harmonising effect. There are options to personalise the design and add extras if you like. Finally, there’s the ultimate personalised option: make them yourself! So much of steampunk involves creativity and innovation, and although this will be much more work, some people will prefer to go through this route. We’ve got some options for some antique-looking envelopes and cogs to include, and the rest is up to you! Good luck!

We know that you’ll have an amazing time with a steampunk themed wedding. It’s an opportunity to make the day feel much more personal and link it into the interests of the couple. There are lots of other things to do to help your wedding feel steampunk, but we know that sending a good invitation is a great way to let your guests know what to expect and to have something beautiful to remember the day with.