• Corset Dress Steampunk

    Corset Dress Steampunk

    One thing that has always distinguished fashion trends is an unfading desire for trends from the past. Nothing signifies this more than steampunk corsets. Steampunk as a fashion trend is almost entirely based on a nostalgia for past designs. Steampunk originated from a historical and fashion-based look at the nineteenth century. The industrial revolution had a significant impact on the formation of this fashion trend, and today you can see steampunk clothing that’s distinguished by its dark tones, heavy belt and zipper accessories, and additional corsetry and boning designs. Today at Steampunbker, we’re on the hunt fore the best corset dress steampunk style! Steampunk corsets are especially popular because of…

  • Steampunk Dresses

    Steampunk Dresses

    Steampunk dresses are primarily influenced by Victorian and Edwardian outfits. Due to this, elegant long dresses with frills and corsets are popular in the Steampunk community. However, the Steampunk style may include additional accessories and designs that feature Steampunk designs such as gears and other steam-powered looking technology. Many dresses go past elegance, and into badass with corsets over the top of dresses and short trims with ripped edges. There are many different styles of Steampunk dresses. Types of Steampunk dresses Depending on your style preference, there are many different types of Steampunk dresses. One of which is elegant Victorian dresses such as a mourning dress, or a riding dress.…