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The Steampunk movement is a powerful artistic testament to the power of tech, gothic, and historic design. Steampunk lovers everywhere recognise steampunk as a creative way to express themselves and their interests, exploring everything from a mechanical interest to a vintage and gothic style, all through edgy fashion and accessory choices. Whether as a costume, cosplay, or a way of life, steampunk continues to be an exciting form of fashion that many continue to use. Today we’re on the quest for the best steampunk coat!

Steampunk clothing takes on Victorian, gothic, and mechanical or technological tones in its design, usually emulating a dark and mysterious fashion style that intimidates as much as it impresses. One particularly show stopping component of Steampunk style are coats or outer coats. Inspired by the Industrial Revolution, steampunk clothing usually takes on styles of the 1800s with modern or deconstructed twists. Expect lots of dark fabrics, buttons, gears, laces, and other historical elements, all intermixed with contemporary cuts or patterns that play with the idea of restraint and freedom.

Steampunk Coat Styles

Steampunk coat styles can differ based on the individual. Men’s steampunk coats often take on the style of distinguished top coats or suit coats of the 19th century, looking to play on the idea of a society man. Dark, finer fabrics are common, but each will feature elements of gothic or contemporary twist to differentiate them from the proper dress of the time. Women’s steampunk clothing models after men, but features some unique elements specific to women’s wear, such as tailored waists or corsets that build right into the coat structure. Whatever your preferred style or cosplay, you’re sure to be able to find a cosplay coat from these options that works for you!

Steampunk Coat for Men

Men’s Medieval Steampunk Stand Collar Coat

steampunk coat

Give off strong “plague-doctor” ambiance with this intimidating solid black steampunk coat. The high collar and sleeves are characteristic of 19th century dress, while the materials and texture offers a modern gothic appearance. The long row of buttons are aesthetically pleasing and historically accurate, making it an even stronger candidate for steampunk dress.

Men’s Steampunk Vintage Tailcoat

best steampunk coat

This two piece tailcoat brings in a vest and overcoat for double the effect. The tailed back design of the coat creates a natural flow when the wearer walks, creating a dramatic striding effect that adds power and force to a steampunk cosplay. Bright silver accents on the buttons and epulets create a visually appealing design that you’re sure to appreciate.

Velvet Goth Steampunk Jacket

This brightly colored steampunk jacket features brightly floral and elaborate patterns that were commonly used by royalty or other high socialites during the Industrial Era, the age steampunk patterns after. Smooth velvet texture adds to the luxury of this particular coat, while the universally flattering fit ensures a solid cosplay experience for all.

Devil’s Fashion Steampunk Leather Jacket

Take a contemporary twist on steampunk with this demonically inspired steampunk coat. Slashes of red wind themselves throughout the jacket for dramatic effect, adding an ominous and colourful accent to an already imposing jacket. The mix of leather and other textures accentuate the contemporary meets vintage appearance, and the hood creates a ominous look that adds even more wow factor to this steampunk jacket.

Men’s Colonial Steampunk Jacket

Switch things up with this white, bright colonial inspired steampunk jacket. Straight out of the war, this early 1800s jacket is a poster boy for alternative steampunk styles, featuring all the classic touches of steampunk design with some innovative twists on colour and cut. Though it’s designed for men, anyone could wear this jacket and achieve the same powerful steampunk look.

Steampunk Coat for Women

Rattlebush Gothic Tailcoat

This feminine Victorian waistcoat takes a small waist to the new extreme. While corsets were very popular in the Victorian age, this coat works without a corset by highlighting a snug waist against flowing tailcoats that spin open behind the wearer for dramatic effect. Covered in metallic accents and rows of sleek and elegant buttons, this tailcoat is a gothic Victorian masterpiece. 

Scarlet Darkness Military Blazer

Add some colour into your steampunk garb with this blood red Steampunk blazer that combines gothic and military design elements The double-breasted blazer looks as though it’s been ripped straight of a military uniform, while the flowing tailcoat tucks perfectly over a hoop skirt or a pair of slacks. Gold buttons and a high colour further cement the imposing gothic twist on this military blazer.

Nihsatin Vintage Steampunk Coat

steampunk coat

Nothing screams Victorian vintage quite so much as this impressive overcoat/tailcoat combination. The tall collar, trail of buttons, and ruffled sleeves could have been ripped right out of an 1800s fashion leaflet, and the long skirt only adds to the period drama. Tightly cuffed sleeves create a feminine, reserved appearance, creating an imposing yet ladylike ambiance for your steampunk attire.

Nihsatin Women’s Winter Warm Parka

steampunk coat

This fun twist on steampunk is a short, modern version of the draping Victorian tailcoats of yore. The warm jacket is a good choice for people who cosplay in colder climates, and the shorter and more controlled tailcoat fits easily underneath another layer if you’re getting cold. This gothic parka is a great choice for modern steampunk cosplayers or people ready to add a new take to their steampunk wardrobe.

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