• Steampunk Tailcoat

    Steampunk Tailcoat

    Tailcoats are a great part of any steampunk outfit. They work well for men and women, and can be dressed up into a fancy industrialist look or down into a Dickenisian ruffian cosplay. We’ve collected a group of our favourites to fill the wardrobes of every enthusiastic steampunker. Victorian Tailcoat – Halloween Carnival Let’s start with a real fancy-pants look. There’s no denying that this Victorian Tailcoat is great for a devilish gentleman/gentlewoman and would look fantastic with a pair of nicely tailored trousers and potentially a ruffled shirt. The black and silver give the coat a gothic feel but the cut of the coat and the integrated waistcoat still…

  • Steampunk Coat

    Steampunk Coat

    The Steampunk movement is a powerful artistic testament to the power of tech, gothic, and historic design. Steampunk lovers everywhere recognise steampunk as a creative way to express themselves and their interests, exploring everything from a mechanical interest to a vintage and gothic style, all through edgy fashion and accessory choices. Whether as a costume, cosplay, or a way of life, steampunk continues to be an exciting form of fashion that many continue to use. Today we’re on the quest for the best steampunk coat! Steampunk clothing takes on Victorian, gothic, and mechanical or technological tones in its design, usually emulating a dark and mysterious fashion style that intimidates as…

  • Steampunk Waist Cincher

    Steampunk Waist Cincher

    Steampunk waist cinchers are a great way to bring out the most in your outfit. They are adaptable and multi-dimensional in the sense that they can look great as part of many different Steampunk outfits such as a Steampunk pirate or even as part of a more elegant style. This article will help you to pick out the right Steampunk waist cincher for you.  So what is a waist cincher? Well, a waist cincher is a thick/wide belt that is worn around your waist. They are made from elasticated fabric and are worn to create the illusion of a smaller waist. Essentially working as a more comfortable type of corset.…

  • Steampunk Watch
    Accessories,  Clothing

    Steampunk Watch

    When creating your own steampunk costume or outfit, it’s important to include a couple of accessories. Accessories really do complete your outfit and give it that finished look. One accessory you may be interested in, and one that is very popular, is a Steampunk watch or Steampunk pocket watch. Accessories like this are perfect for Steampunk themed convention. There are many of these held all around the world with one particular event, the Asylum Steampunk Festival, being held in Lincoln, United Kingdom. It is both the largest and longest running Steampunk convention in the world and is held every year attracting many visitors. Events like this are perfect examples of…

  • Steampunk Bracelet

    Steampunk Bracelet

    Many people love wearing jewelry. It can look great and set the wearer apart, giving them an extra boost of confidence. A popular form of jewelry would be bracelets and, for the fans of the steampunk genre, there are many steampunk themed bracelets which can be purchased – all of which are of great quality and look incredible. A steampunk themed bracelet would be defined by the various images and or themes that may appear on them. These would be things most associated with the steampunk genre such as cogs and gears, clocks, keys and octopi. Also, you’ll likely find colours ranging from golds and browns to more black and…

  • Best Steampunk Cufflinks

    Steampunk Cufflinks

    When creating a Steampunk themed outfit or costume, you want to be sure you get it just right. This could mean picking out the correct colours and themes or focusing on small details such as any accessories you may want to include. One fantastic accessory to add would be some simple cufflinks. Cufflinks are a great accessory and add something special to any outfit without being too flashy or ‘out there’ if you prefer to keep things more simplistic. However, you are, of course, more than welcome to wear more flashy cufflinks or other accessories as it is your outfit after all! Steampunk themed cufflinks would be perfect for any…

  • Gothic Waistcoat
    Clothing,  Gothic

    Gothic Waistcoat

    In recent years, the ‘steampunk style’ has increased in popularity around the world. Many people have found a great interest in the genre through films, literature, clothing and many other different things. While the likes of film may be more popular, Steampunk themed clothing and outfits can be easily sourced at an affordable price and really help you rock that steampunk look. However, it would be fair to say that no Steampunk outfit would be complete without your very own Gothic waistcoat. With so many different styles, colours and themes available, your options are limitless. There are many reasons why someone would wear a Gothic waistcoat or a full steampunk…

  • Steampunk Dice

    Steampunk Dice

    Dice are an essential part of many board games as well as other games. However, aside from board games, there are also dice of various themes that may be collected by people. A particular version of themed dice would be steampunk dice. To put it very simply, steampunk themed dice would be any die or dice that, in some way, represent the steampunk genre. This can be anything from gears and locomotives to simple colouring such as greys and golds. Steampunk dice may be of greater interest to anyone who enjoys playing steampunk board games such as ‘Forbidden Island’ by Matt Leacock and ‘Gormenghast: The Board Game’, created by Philip…

  • Steampunk Mad Hatter

    Steampunk Mad Hatter

    Are you looking to dress up as the Mad Hatter for your next Steampunk convention? Well this is the perfect article for you for putting together your Mad Hatter outfit that will wow all those who see it. The Mad Hatter is a fictional character from Lewis Carroll’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865). Although in the book the ‘Mad Hatter’ is only ever referred to as ‘Hatter’. He is a seemingly ‘mad’ character that speaks in riddles, dresses peculiarly, and has a strange fascination with time. The Mad Hatter’s depiction varies between the books and Disney, the main difference being the fact that in the book, the Hatter irritates…

  • Octopus Necklace

    Octopus Necklace

    If you’re looking for something that will add an extra something to your outfit, then an octopus necklace may be your solution for remaining Steampunk even in your day to day life. You might be wondering what is so Steampunk about an octopus necklace? Well, think of it this way, the octopus is like the patronus of Steampunk. Its use within Steampunk is likely to originate from Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea that was written in 1870. The novel features Captain Nemo and the Nautilus, his advanced submarine that has Steampunk written all over it. In the novel, Nautilus encounters and fights many giant octopuses. It is most…